10 Best Cheap Monitors Under $300

best cheap monitors

High 4K resolution, pleasing brightness, functional stand with a high degree of freedom, HDR certification, adaptive synchronization technology, USB hub, and other features of modern monitors are not always required by all users. 

Sometimes, a simple solution is exactly what the buyer needs to work comfortably. However, this blog article contains many interesting solutions in terms of features, design, and even additional features. This review of the best cheap monitors will help you make the right choice.

Affiliate Disclosure: Before we dive into the reviews, I’ll love to let you know that I’m an affiliate. Hence, I will earn a commission if you purchase anything through the links within this article at no extra cost on you.

TOP 10 best cheap monitors

In this observed price category, it wouldn’t make sense to expect large screen sizes. Hardly any of the manufacturers will be able to offer you a resolution higher than Full HD. 

Therefore, the pixel density of the matrix will be low enough, which will make working with text, tables, and even ordinary Internet browsing not very convenient. 

On a small screen, the items may appear too small, which is also inconvenient. Therefore, we’ve made sure to review the best cheap monitors with a display screen size of approximately 23.8 inches.

1. Philips 243V7QJABF 23.8 ″

This is a modern Philips monitor with an IPS LED panel with excellent viewing angles. The brightness of the matrix installed in 243V7QJABF is 250 cd/m2 and the color depth is 8 bits. The color rendering of this model is not perfect, but it is very good for its price (68% of NTSC).

Philips 243V7QJABF 23.8 ″

FRC is an acronym that literally means frame rate control. In practice, this technology allows you to achieve improved color reproduction by adding intermediate frames to the image.

This Philips’ low-cost monitor offers SmartContrast technology to consumers. It automatically adjusts the image to provide the best contrast ratio.


  • three types of video inputs
  • a pair of 2 W speakers
  • 100% coverage of sRGB space
  • fading blue light
  • built-in DP port
  • good anti-reflective coating.


  • not too stable posture
  • only VGA cable is included.

2. Samsung C24F390FHI 23.5 ″

Samsung is one of those manufacturers that focuses on curved matrices. Such screens have both advantages and disadvantages. In our review, the C24F390FHI is a cheap curved monitor with good performance.

Samsung C24F390FHI 23.5 ″

This model is based on a VA matrix that provides flawless blacks (3000: 1 contrast ratio). HDMI and VGA ports are available for connection to a computer (only D-Sub cable included). 

This device is shipped with an unpretentious AMD graphics card (gamers will be pleased that even such a budget monitor supports FreeSync technology).


  • adaptive synchronization
  • color calibration function
  • die with 1800R turn
  • flexible personalization
  • gorgeous contrast
  • flicker-free backlight
  • convenient control.


  • modest ergonomics of the stand
  • the quality of the back panel.

3. Acer ET241Ybd 24 ″

Our review continues with another cheap but high quality monitor with IPS matrix. Acer has always put a lot of emphasis on design, so the ET271Y looks great. 

At first glance, it may seem that the monitor has no frames at all (except for the bottom). However, when you turn on the screen, the small frames become noticeable.

Acer ET241Ybd 24 ″

The reviewed model is equipped with a DVI-D digital input and analog VGA. If you need HDMI instead of a DVI-D, then buy the -bi modification, not -bd.

This is one of the best budget monitors as it is perfectly calibrated and covers 72% of NTSC’s color space. 

We were also pleased with the stand, although it has no height adjustment, but provides excellent stability. In addition, there is a matte finish, making it difficult to leave your fingerprints on the device.


  • anti-reflective coating
  • “Frameless” design
  • Low price
  • 8-bit matrix (with FRC)
  • intuitive menu
  • color quality


  • location of the buttons.

4. AOC 24V2Q 23.8 ″

In this blog article on the best cheap monitors, 24V2Q definitely stands out with its appearance. If today it is difficult to surprise someone with a “frameless” design, then the thickness of this monitor will definitely cause the surprise.

AOC 24V2Q 23.8 ″

Because of its relatively thin screen, almost all electronics and connectors (HDMI version 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, and headphone jack) are placed in the stand. 

It, by the way, corresponds to the general “ethereal” design of the popular monitor model. But VESA mounting had to be abandoned due to such a modest thickness in 24V2Q.


  • amazing appearance
  • modern interfaces
  • uniformity of lighting
  • chic equipment
  • factory calibration
  • AMD FreeSync support.


  • stand made of glossy plastic.

5. ASUS VZ249Q 23.8 ″

Next in line is another cheap computer monitor with a great look. The minimum thickness of the VZ249Q is only 7 mm. It increases only at the bottom, where all the electronics and a pair of speakers with a power of one and a half watts are located.

ASUS VZ249Q 23.8 ″

This monitor has three video inputs: HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort. It is significant that the latter offers an option for adaptive synchronization. Other useful features include eye care, which can help reduce eye strain.


  • eye protection technology
  • elegant design
  • 3 types of video inputs at once
  • calibration of the IPS matrix
  • excellent brightness delivery
  • nice picture
  • built-in speakers.


  • not very comfortable stand.

6. LG 24MK430H 23.8 ″

The LG 24MK430H monitor is based on a modern matrix of the AH-IPS type. It has good color rendering, a standard contrast ratio of 1000: 1 for its category and a maximum brightness of 250 nits. 

The minimum response time in this model is 5 ms, and the average reaches eight. Therefore, calling the LG 24MK430H a gaming monitor won’t be appropriate. However, AMD FreeSync support is available here.

LG 24MK430H 23.8 ″

Gamers will also appreciate the function of black stabilization. It is necessary for better display of details located in the dark areas of the frame. The monitor settings can be controlled not only with the buttons located on the body, but also with the mouse. 

In this case, the OnScreen Control utility window will appear on the screen, where there are several tabs, including a separate one for quick zoning of the workspace.


  • excellent color rendering
  • No flicker
  • excellent combination of price and quality
  • AMD adaptive synchronization
  • ease of customization
  • mouse control.

7. Iiyama ProLite X2483HSU-B3 23.8 ″

This is a quality monitor based on an “honest” 8-bit AMVA matrix. The panel used in the ProLite X2483HSU enjoys good calibration and a convenient response time of 4ms.

Iiyama ProLite X2483HSU-B3 23.8 ″

The device offers HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a pair of standard USB 2.0 ports. In the reviews, the buyers of the monitor also mention a good package. 

In addition to the power cord and a pair of video cables, the user will find a 3.5 mm cable (dad-dad) in the box.


  • stable posture
  • good functionality
  • excellent equipment
  • strict design
  • good reaction time
  • standard speakers 2 watts each.


  • a little incomprehensible organization of the monitor menu.

8. BenQ GW2470HL 23.8 ″

In the reviews, the GW2470HL monitor received very high marks from its owners. Several standard display settings are available and you can also set yours (for example, by taking custom settings from the Internet to get the best quality).

BenQ GW2470HL 23.8 ″

The same model is available in the GW2470ML modification. Its main difference is the presence of a pair of speakers. However, they are quite quiet and won’t impress anyone with the sound quality.

Please note that there is an HDMI RGB element in the picture settings. There are two options: 16 ~ 235, which is set by default, and 0 ~ 255. Note that only on the second you will see the full range. However, this may require additional adjustment of the appropriate parameters in the NVIDIA graphics card drivers.


  • Low Blue Light Plus technology
  • good assembly quality
  • color display accuracy
  • unobtrusive indicator;
  • has VESA 100 × 100 mounting.


  • difficult to find on sale
  • the stand is slightly swaying.

9. DELL E2418HN 23.8 ″

This is an excellent middle class model. This monitor is great for home and office use. The device features its own DELL design, stable stand, good color rendering, and high-quality anti-reflective coating that protects from reflections but does not distort the image.

DELL E2418HN 23.8 ″

The matrix used in the IPS monitor offers ideal viewing angles and its own ComfortView technology, which reduces the strain on the user’s eyes by reducing blue light. 

The backlight of the screen is even and does not flicker at any level. The brightness of the DELL E2418HN monitor display is limited to 250 candelas per square meter.


  • full 8 bits
  • anti-reflective coating
  • good color rendering
  • sample assembly
  • stable posture
  • long warranty (3 years).


  • high reaction time

10. ViewSonic VA2419-sh 23.8 ″

This review on the best cheap monitors can only end well with one with a good combination of price and quality. 

This device has a SuperClear IPS screen, which provides consistently good color reproduction from all angles. 

A small frame panel on all 4 sides (only 6.4 mm) makes the design very stylish. However, its glossy finish, which constantly collects dust and prints, will not please everyone.

ViewSonic VA2419-sh 23.8 ″

The maximum refresh rate in this model is 75 Hz. If you connect the monitor via the digital port, the value will be 60 Hz.

If the standard foot does not suit the user in terms of height or other parameters, then it can be replaced with any compatible bracket (VESA mounting 100 × 100 mm is available). 

The monitor is connected to a computer via VGA and HDMI inputs. When using the latter, you can also output sound through the device’s 3.5 mm headphone jack. Another plus of the VA2419 is the long official warranty.


  • excellent color rendering outside the box
  • tempered glass stand
  • high quality matte display
  • convenient location of the interfaces
  • high quality device assembly.


  • The HDMI cable will need to be purchased separately.

Which monitor should I buy?

If you need a gaming monitor under $300, then we recommend looking at TN matrix solutions. They will provide the shortest response time. But with the viewing angles of such models, things are not the best.

In case you want to combine a high-quality image with the gaming capabilities of a computer, then look at models from LG or AOC. The reproduction of colors in such models must be very accurate. For example, the DELL and ViewSonic devices boast of such an advantage.