10 Best Mechanical Keyboards

Best Mechanical Keyboards
Photo by FOX from Pexels

Mechanical keyboards have become incredibly popular with buyers in recent years. They are chosen by gamers and users who regularly work with large amounts of text. 

The advantages of such devices are many: the reliability of the mechanism used, the increased service life of the switches, the possibility of independent replacement of keyboards and sometimes even the switches themselves, clear tactile feedback and sound (the volume depends on the model of the switch), and high-speed response, which is important in games. 

In addition, the cost of such devices is gradually decreasing. Yes, they are still more expensive than conventional membrane keyboards, but they are now available to the average buyer. 

In this blog article, we have compiled the TOP 10 best mechanical keyboards.

Review of the best mechanical keyboards

Before you buy a computer keyboard, you must first decide on its form factor. The classic models are equipped with 104 keys. In some cases, additional macro save buttons are added to them (needed in games). 

If you are looking for a more compact solution, it is worth choosing the TKL or Tenkeyless models. Such keyboards are shorter due to the lack of a numeric keypad on the right.

The second selection criterion is the type of switches. Expensive devices receive premium Cherry or are equipped with modern switches of their own design (Logitech, for example, chose the second option). Cheaper models are usually obtained from Outemu and Kailh.

1. A4Tech Bloody B810R Black USB

Russian consumers are well acquainted with A4Tech products. This brand offers quality and functional peripherals at a reasonable price. Cheap A4Tech keyboards are good alternatives to products from companies such as Razer and Logitech. In the huge variety of products of the Taiwanese company we would like to emphasize the B810R model, which belongs to the Bloody gaming line.

A4Tech Bloody B810R
A4Tech Bloody B810R

If you use a keyboard to type in addition to gaming, then you should probably consider other options. Despite its convenience, the B810R is noisy when typing fast and can be annoying.

The device is based on its own optical-mechanical Light Strike switches. Their advantage is their incredibly fast response time of 0.2ms. 

Also, the high-quality A4Tech keyboard boasts an adapted RGB backlight. In addition to the device itself, the set offers spare caps: WASD and QERF with a replacement tool.


  • quick switches
  • attractive design
  • adjustable backlight
  • protection against moisture
  • great software
  • own utility
  • Low price.


  • a little noisy
  • without wrist rest.

2. Redragon USAS Black USB

Most of our readers, looking at their keyboard, will see the number pad. It is even found on laptops with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and larger. 

But gamers don’t need these buttons. And it would be cool to get rid of them, especially when there is not much free space on the table. It is for these customers that companies produce the popular TKL keyboards. This includes the Redragon USAS.

Redragon USAS
Redragon USAS

The body of this model practically does not protrude beyond the buttons. The ANSI layout standard is used. Useful functions are related to the function buttons of the device, such as volume control, track switching, etc. The cursor keys are used to switch profiles, modes, and backlight brightness which can flexibly be adapted to the user’s tasks.


  • aluminum base
  • RGB lighting modes
  • strict design
  • there is a possibility to replace switches
  • additional functions
  • compact size
  • quality keys.


  • cable without braid
  • bad application.

3. SteelSeries Apex M750

The gaming keyboard Apex M750 looks so strict such that at first glance you can get the impression that this is a classic model. 

In fact, this is a rather expensive SteelSeries device that is mainly recommended for gamers. It is based on its own QX2 switches, created jointly with the popular company Gateron on its market.

SteelSeries Apex M750
SteelSeries Apex M750

The Apex M750 cable is 2 m long and has a ferrite grain to reduce noise. It does not get a braid, but the impressive thickness of the wire allows you not to worry about its durability. The lower part of the keyboard is made of plastic and has 4 rubber feet.


  • strict but cool design
  • branded permanent switches
  • low noise in the switch
  • excellent utility from SteelSeries.


  • impressive price.

4. Logitech G G413

The excellent Logitech brand continues our ranking of the best mechanical keyboards. The device comes in a nice box, where in addition to it you can find 12 replacement caps (1-5, WASD, and QER) and a key to replace them.

Logitech G G413 Carbon USB
Logitech G G413 Carbon USB

The design of the G G413 keyboard is standard. Its upper part is covered with a metal plate, which provides the device with a good safety margin. At the bottom, high-quality plastic is used along with 5 stubborn rubber feet, eliminating the possibility of slipping. 

The Logitech keyboard connects to your computer using a braided cable with a double plug. The second is required for the operation of the USB port located near the right edge.


  • stunning design
  • well-developed software
  • reference installation
  • Romer-G switches
  • additional USB
  • first-class materials
  • 3 years warranty.

5. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro (Cherry MX Red)

Compact mechanical keyboard from the HyperX brand. The device offers a detachable braided cable for convenient transport of Alloy FPS Pro. Please note that the kit does not include the transport cover, which is available in a full size version. Also, the user will not find removable keys, but this is generally forgivable.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

The device is equipped with Cherry MX Red switches, so we have a quiet mechanical keyboard. However, a clear tactile response is also not provided here, therefore the observed modification of Alloy FPS Pro is not suitable for writing as well as for games. Nevertheless, it depends on the user’s preferences.


  • Excellent quality
  • convenience of “red” switches
  • compact size
  • bright one-color backlight
  • all-steel frame.


  • modest delivery set.


Next is a fairly simple mechanical keyboard manufactured by OKLICK. This is a full-size model made entirely of plastic. The assembly and materials are of high quality. There is a backlight for the buttons, but it does not illuminate the Cyrillic alphabet very brightly.


It consists of 6 colors, strictly assigned to the keys line by line. From the keyboard, the user can switch between 20 styles and 4 lighting modes. The 940G VORTEX also provides support for additional functions activated via Fn. 

The device has received mechanical switches from Outemu. Tactically and soundingly, they resemble the “blue” Cherry MX switches.


  • Low price
  • clear answer
  • high resource and reliability
  • pleasant lighting
  • switches can be replaced
  • table stability.


  • lack of software support
  • too noisy when printing.

7. ASUS ROG Strix Scope

One of the best keyboards according to customer reviews comes in a black cardboard box, on top is a colored cover with a picture of the device and key specifications. Inside, in addition to the device itself, there are 4 removable keys (WASD) and a key to replace them.

ASUS ROG Strix Scope
ASUS ROG Strix Scope

The keyboard is made of polycarbonate with an aluminum plate added on top for reinforcement. The caps are also made of plastic (ABS) and are painted only on the outside (therefore, when used actively, the paint may peel off over time). 

All long keys are equipped with stabilizers. ASUS ROG Strix Scope has memory for 6 profiles, 5 of which you can customize yourself.


  • almost silent switches
  • high-quality installation
  • attractive lighting
  • relatively compact
  • double control
  • additional caps.


  • poor lighting of the Cyrillic alphabet
  • painted plastic keychains.

8. Razer Ornata Chroma

Ornata Chroma is an expensive keyboard model. However, within the Razer range, the device belongs to the middle class. The main feature of this model is the use of unique mechanical diaphragm switches. 

Technically, they are closer to diaphragms, but their response is reminiscent of those for Cherry MX Blue switches. It is worth acknowledging that the manufacturer’s engineers did an excellent job.

Razer Ornata Chroma
Razer Ornata Chroma

The metal lock in the design creates a mechanical feel. Therefore, the backlit keyboard is suitable for those who are used to using a membrane keyboard (it may take some time to get used to it). By the way, the glow is configured in the software. All colors of the rainbow and a variety of effects are available here. You can also save macros.


  • excellent ergonomics
  • Excellent quality
  • excellent RGB lighting
  • well thought out usefulness
  • magnetic stand
  • nice button response
  • “Excess” conductor.


  • high price
  • legs without elastics
  • high pressing force.

9. A4Tech Bloody B800

Not all users are ready to buy a premium keyboard. For them, A4Tech offers another affordable solution called the B800. The design of this device is very concise, and with one-color backlight the device is practically no different from the classic solutions.

A4Tech Bloody B800
A4Tech Bloody B800

This mechanical keyboard has been praised for its responsiveness and lack of ghostly keystrokes (Full Anti-Ghost) in the reviews. The B800 package includes additional uppercase letters (the letters QERF and WASD, which are most commonly used in games) and a key to replace them.


  • motivated costs
  • no sticky keys
  • low pressure on pressing
  • protection against fake clicks
  • beautiful design
  • high reaction speed.


  • not the most convenient software
  • medium quality plastic.

10. Redragon Varuna

Our review ends with another cheap keyboard from Redragon. Varuna has a traditional design, ANSI layout, and good construction. The device is made of plastic, but the strength of the latter is very high.

Redragon Varuna
Redragon Varuna

Latin and Cyrillic are perfectly legible, but the font of the former is clearly made for the amateur. The manufacturer uses Outemu switches to reduce the cost of its mechanical keyboard. They received multifunctional RGB lighting that can be controlled in the application. Profiles are also edited there.


  • pleasant lighting
  • affordable price
  • quality materials
  • intuitive software
  • macros are configured.

Which mechanical keyboard should I choose

If choosing a mechanical keyboard is difficult, we recommend you go for a budget device. Also, we recommend users with minimum needs to take a closer look at A4Tech and Redragon. The latter has an interesting TKL solution. A keyboard with a similar format is available from the HyperX brand. 

Logitech can surprise fans with its excellent own switches. Finally, if you’re closer to the membrane type, then take a closer look at the Razer with its original Ornata Chroma.