best membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards are the most popular. Hundreds of models are sold for all needs – from simple solutions for office work to game models. They were chosen for many reasons. 

For example, a quiet mechanical keyboard is an exception rather than the rule. Membranes do not make noise. And their price is traditionally lower. 

If you want to buy one for yourself, then we have selected for you the best membrane keyboards for 2022. Among them, you will definitely find a suitable solution in terms of cost and efficiency.

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Best membrane keyboards

Scissor keyboards are a specialist in this category. Their difference from the classic version lies in a special plastic mechanism that allows you to make the stroke shorter than conventional solutions. 

You can find scissors-type keys on almost any modern laptop. However, they also exist as separate devices. We will talk more about them later in this review. 

Scissor solutions are best for those users who often manipulate text but cannot buy good mechanics. Yes, they are noisier, but the clarity of movement of their buttons is much better.

1. SteelSeries Apex 3 RU black USB

It is definitely impossible to call the SteelSeries membrane keyboard an affordable solution. Given the price of the Apex 3, the user can easily find mechanical counterparts, albeit from lesser-known brands. But in terms of quality, they are unlikely to be compared to this model.

SteelSeries Apex 3 RU

Apex 3 has a classic American layout (one-story Enter and Long Left Shift). The keys can be customized with beautiful RGB lighting divided into 10 zones.

The SteelSeries membrane gaming keyboard comes with a magnetic wrist rest. The device itself is made of high-quality soft-touch plastic, but a metal plate is used on top to increase hardness and reliability.


  • modern design
  • rigid construction
  • excellent ergonomics
  • magnetic stand
  • cable laying system
  • liquid protection.


  • the stand is very easily soiled.

2. Apple Magic Keyboard

The magic keyboard replaced the wired Apple keyboard a few years ago. A Bluetooth module can be used to connect it to a computer. 

In the second case, the built-in battery will be charged simultaneously, which according to the manufacturer is enough to run the device for one month.

Apple Magic Keyboard

This device has many variations. We will review the Space Gray version with ISO layout. You can buy a similar keyboard in silver or also dark, but with an ANSI layout.

This Apple’s high-quality membrane keyboard weighs about 390 grams, and its height at its thickest point is only 11 mm. The body of the device is made of aircraft aluminum with excellent rigidity. Magic keyboard shortcuts are perfect for typing. 

However, buyers who are unfamiliar with Apple devices will have to get used to them first.


  • approximate quality
  • shape style
  • Cosmic grays
  • pleasant tactile sensations
  • ease of printing
  • reliability
  • two types of connection.


  • very high price.

3. Logitech G G213 Prodigy Black USB

Logitech is one of the most sought after computer accessories on the market. No matter what the buyer is interested in, whether it is a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard, the Swiss brand has all the products of standard quality. And with the G213 aimed at gamers, this becomes clear immediately.

Logitech G G213 Prodigy

The popular backlit keyboard has 104 standard keys, plus 8 additional keys (for media control and button lighting). The Logitech G213 has a built-in wrist rest, which makes the device a little bigger than its competitors. The keyboard is made of high-quality plastic that does not collect fingerprints.


  • high reaction rate
  • adjustable backlight
  • the presence of protection against moisture
  • thoughtful posture
  • multimedia keys.


  • the wrist rest cannot be removed
  • brightness is controlled only by software.

4. Razer Cynosa Chroma Black USB

Cynosa Chroma occupies a special place in this list of the best membrane keyboards of 2021. Like any Razer product, it’s not cheap, but merits its price. The company uses high quality polycarbonate for the production of the device.

Razer Cynosa Chroma

There are no additional buttons here, but a number of auxiliary functions are still available. You can activate them by pressing the Fn key and the desired button. At the bottom of the keyboard, in addition to the sturdy rubber feet, there are two pairs of folding that lift the device by 6 and 13 mm.


  • well-developed software
  • tactile feedback with keys
  • macro support
  • customization flexibility
  • strict appearance
  • perfect build quality.


  • quite expensive.

5. Lenovo ThinkPad compact USB keyboard

How does a device stand out in the ranking of the best membrane keyboards? The Lenovo brand managed to create a truly original device. The ThinkPad Compact is removed from a medium-sized Chinese laptop and then housed in a small case.

Lenovo ThinkPad compact USB keyboard

Similar shaped keys, bare block with arrows, functional order, and reduced in height. There is no mouse pad here, however, it is hardly needed in a compact keyboard. But the joystick with strain gauges and three buttons below is an original solution. In enclosed spaces, where there is no place for a full mouse, such elements will be very useful.


  • compact size
  • the presence of a route point
  • pleasant journey of keys
  • high-quality installation
  • clear answer to the buttons.


  • the price is a bit high.

6. Redragon Asura Black USB

Devices for the gaming market are extremely diverse. However, their prices are usually very high, and sometimes unreasonable. That’s why buyers are eager to buy Redragon products. They offer cheap gaming keyboards that are of good quality and functionality.

Redragon Asura Black USB

Redragon Asura is made mainly of black plastic. The assembly of the device is good, providing both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets that are perfectly legible. On this model, they have highlighted the keys that most gamers use. 

There are buttons for recording macros on both sides. Multimedia features are also available through the Fn key.


  • seven-color backlight
  • excellent construction
  • interesting design
  • the ability to write macros is maintained
  • Low price
  • great quality
  • additional buttons
  • aggressive design.


  • glossy surfaces become dirty.

7. Wired Microsoft 600 Black USB keyboard

This is probably the best membrane keyboard for office use – Microsoft’s Wired Keyboard 600. 

The layout of this model is classic and the profile is concave. Its features may not please everyone, especially the lack of extended legs.

Wired Microsoft 600 Black USB keyboard

The function keys in the Wired Keyboard 600 are very small, which is also a controversial solution. There are several multimedia keys above, however.

Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are very clear, and for convenience, they are painted in different colors (blue and white, respectively). Due to the almost missing distance between the buttons, errors can sometimes occur during typing. 


  • soft and quiet
  • classic layout
  • multimedia buttons
  • ease of writing
  • attractive price.


  • small function buttons
  • uncomfortable without raised legs.

8. Logitech Corded Keyboard K280e Black USB

Another good keyboard from Logitech. K280e is a low profile model made of matte and rough plastic. Dirt can only be noticed after prolonged use. However, cleaning the keyboard does not take much time, after which it regains its original appearance.

Logitech Corded Keyboard K280e

Corded Keyboard K280e has a built-in wrist rest with the manufacturer’s logo on it. The set of buttons is standard – 104 pieces. But if you need function keys, you just have to hold down the Fn key.


  • multimedia capabilities
  • very pleasant trip with buttons
  • almost silent when typing
  • reliability
  • nice price
  • reference quality of construction.


  • unusual angle of inclination
  • takes up a lot of space.

9. Defender Legion GK-010DL Black USB

The Legion GK-010DL keyboard is a very good option for price and quality. The device is made of plastic, and the quality of assembly has not caused any complaints yet. The layout of the keyboard combines the characteristics of ISO and ANSI: Enter is two-story, and the left Shift is long.

Defender Legion GK-010DL

The number of keys is standard (104), but near the left Ctrl and Alt, there are buttons to turn on / off the backlight and Fn. According to reviews, the keyboard is quite silent, so it is suitable for gaming and fast typing even at night. 

The cable of the device is protected by a strong blue braid. It has a ferrite filter that protects it from interference, and the keyboard connector is gold-plated.


  • additional buttons (via Fn)
  • nice multi-colored lighting
  • quality of materials and workmanship
  • motivated costs
  • the buttons can be programmed
  • high quality braid.


  • several backlight modes

10. SVEN KB-C7100EL Black USB

We’ll end our review with a reliable keyboard from the budget segment of SVEN. This brand is known by probably every consumer. These membrane keyboards are very popular among buyers on a small budget and are regularly used in offices.


KB-C7100EL is a simple but well-built solution. It offers multi-colored lighting with colors tied to specific areas. If you turn it off, the device won’t look different from other keyboards in the office. However, in the reviews, the keyboard was criticized only for cheap plastic.


  • very quiet buttons
  • pleasant lighting
  • high-quality installation
  • Low price.


  • you cannot change the backlight color
  • material of the device.

Which membrane keyboard should I buy

We understand that different buyers have different requirements and budgets. Therefore, the ranking contains the best membrane keyboards from different price categories. 

For users with modest financial resources I can recommend SVEN and Defender devices. For a small extra amount, you can get some models from popular brands such as Microsoft and Logitech. 

If your budget is bigger, then you should take a closer look at SteelSeries, Razer and Apple (for Mac OS).