12 Best Computer Cases

best computer cases
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Of course, the case is not a necessary component for the operation of the computer. If desired, you can assemble all the hardware on an open stand. However, this approach has many disadvantages for the average consumer. 

By choosing a good case for assembling a computer, the user not only protects the components but also places them correctly, so that, if necessary, everything can be quickly replaced or simply removed. 

Nevertheless, the price range of such products does not allow you to immediately choose the best cases for computers. Much depends not only on the budget but also on the requirements of the buyer. However, with this review on the best computer cases, it will be very easy to choose the right model.

What to look for when choosing a computer case

One of the main criteria is the manufacturer that’s why you will not find mediocre companies in this review since each of the brands we present has earned an excellent reputation among buyers. 

It is, therefore, necessary to determine which case is better according to other parameters:

  1. Shape factor … Mini, Midi, full and ultra tower, as well as selected cases for desktop and cube. The sizes of the latter can be absolutely any. The difference between these models from the first four is that the Desktop is installed directly on the table, and the Cube box has an almost cubic shape. The others have a similar appearance and are designed for a specific size of motherboards. But if micro-ATX fits into the ATX case, then it doesn’t work in the opposite direction.
  2. Material … Steel is the most popular at the moment. It is quite durable and reliable, and its price is relatively low. Aluminum is another common material but is found mostly in premium cabinets. Both options (but more often steel) are sometimes complemented by tempered glass panels. This improves the design but increases the cost.
  3. Fans … It is necessary to take into account both the number of seats available for installation and the number of full “turntables”. The more there is, the more efficient the cooling will be. But first, you need to find out if the power connectors on your board are enough.
  4. Front panel … At least there are power and reset buttons, as well as 2-3 USB ports and 3.5 mm jacks for microphones and headphones. In addition, the case may include a card reader, a fan control button, an eSATA connector, and a door behind which all this is hidden to protect against dust.
  5. Additionally … Backlight, dust filters, sound insulation of the case, screwless mounting, removable hard drive cage – these and other things are not necessary. But they add beauty and comfort.

TOP 12 best computer cases

We decided not to categorize our review of computer cases. It doesn’t make much sense, because sometimes the line between the budget and the middle price range, as well as between the middle and the premium, is quite thin. 

Also, the manufacturer can see the upper segment differently from the average consumer. So we just picked 12 great models from real owners. The enclosures are ranked according to their popularity. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth reducing the position occupied by the product, first of all, pay attention to the compliance of its parameters with your expectations.

1. AeroCool CyberX Advance Black

Let’s start our review with a budget case from the popular manufacturer AeroCool. Here, the buyer receives 3 × USB, among which a pair meets the 2.0 standard and another – 3.0, 3-mm acrylic glass on the side wall and a steel case with a thickness of 0.6 mm.

AeroCool CyberX Advance Black
AeroCool CyberX Advance Black

The case has two seats for 120 mm fans at the front and a similar one at the back. All “turntables” are installed outside the box, but their quality corresponds to the declared value. On the front of the CyberX is a clean line of backlighting. Next to it is a door covering the card reader and a 5.25-inch compartment.


  • Low price
  • attractive design
  • ease of assembly
  • front panel backlight
  • three USB ports and an SD card reader
  • good acrylic side wall.


  • difficulties with laying cables
  • poor CPU ventilation.

2. Zalman i3 Black

The cheap Zalman i3 case is presented on the market in two modifications – Edge and Widow. We consider the second option to be a better solution, as the front fans are hidden behind a grid and not with tightly tempered glass, which reduces the cooling efficiency. Otherwise, both modifications do not differ and even fit in completely identical boxes made of plain cardboard.

Zalman i3 Black
Zalman i3 Black

One of the key advantages of the good case of Zalman is the presence of 4 built-in fans at once. Three of them are located in the front and another on the back wall. All “turntables” have a nice blue backlight. Two more can be mounted on top near the dust filter. A filter is also provided for the front panel and power supply. All connectors, indicators and buttons are at the top.


  • excellent cooling
  • three dust filters
  • decent equipment
  • rubber seals
  • well-developed cable management
  • durable side glass


  • bright blue LED.

3. AeroCool Cylon Mini Black

The best case for building a gaming computer based on micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards. The side wall here is made of tempered glass and is fixed with 4 screws. In front is a diagonal RGB strip. 7 modes of static and 6 variants of animated work are available for it.

AeroCool Cylon Mini Black
AeroCool Cylon Mini Black

One of the most popular cases, according to real customer reviews, comes complete with all the necessary screws, a tool for unscrewing the mounting bushings on the board, and a small set of cable connections. 

The Cylon Mini is equipped with several dust filters, one of which is on top. There are also power and reset buttons, indicators, audio connectors, and a pair of USB ports, one of which meets the 3.0 standard.


  • high-quality layout
  • tempered glass on the side
  • attractive design
  • implementation of RGB backlight
  • the perfect combination of costs and opportunities
  • very affordable price.


  • only one 80 mm fan
  • there is no dust filter on the front.

4. Deepcool Matrexx 55 Black

Today, the Chinese company Deepcool is one of the most popular in its segment. Demand for its products is growing every year, which is due to the high competitiveness of its components. 

For example, Matrexx 55 is a perfect case with a good combination of price and quality.

Deepcool Matrexx 55 Black
Deepcool Matrexx 55 Black

This model features a strict but elegant design. This makes it an excellent choice for both workstations and gaming systems. Matrexx 55 is available in three modifications. Here, we have reviewed the simplest version. If you need adaptive lighting, choose the ADD-RGB model. The Deepcool Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F also includes three 120 mm CF fans.


  • motivating price mark
  • glass front and side
  • ease of assembly
  • clean backlight line
  • has a dust filter on top
  • suitable for liquid CO.


  • modest delivery set.

5. Deepcool Kendomen Titanium

Let’s immediately think of another model from a Middle-class company. Kendomen is a classic case with a good cooling system. The set includes five 120 mm fans at once, two of which are at the front and two more at the top, under high-quality dust nets. 

The good news here is that the filters can be easily removed for cleaning.

Deepcool Kendomen Titanium
Deepcool Kendomen Titanium

The Kendomen model is available in several modifications, which differ only in the color of the backlight. Their costs and equipment are completely similar.

Here the sidewall is partially transparent, which allows you to admire the overall components. USB ports and audio jacks are located on the front of the box. Above them, there are three buttons, one of which is responsible for controlling the fans. 

To produce a quality Kendomen case, Deepcool chose 0.7 mm steel, which provides a good safety margin for the entire structure.


  • 5 full fans
  • adequate price
  • ease of assembly
  • possibility to install water cooling
  • price for its features
  • there are two backlight options
  • fast fan control.


  • quality of plastic elements.

6. Thermaltake Versa H18 CA-1J4-00S1WN-00 Black

Cheap solution for a compact gaming system. It is capable of housing mATX and Mini-ITX boards, as well as graphic cards of up to 350 mm long, which is quite good. Here, the user can independently set another three 140 mm each.

Thermaltake Versa H18 CA-1J4-00S1WN-00
Thermaltake Versa H18 CA-1J4-00S1WN-00

Despite its compact size, water-cooled monitoring can be used. For the “turntable” installed at the top, the manufacturer has provided a dust filter that is fixed with magnets. Another is at the bottom under the power supply. 

The power supply itself, by the way, is located under special housing, which is very good considering the presence of a window for viewing the sidewall.


  • compact size
  • excellent construction
  • Low price
  • 3-year warranty
  • complex design
  • three USB connectors
  • dust filters.


  • standard fan
  • Plexiglas quality.

7. Cooler Master N200 (NSE-200-KKN1)

Here’s another popular case with a small size, but this time from the Taiwanese company “Cooler Master”. 

We are considering a modification of the NSE-200-KKN1, which uses a standard metal sidewall and has three USB ports, one of which is 3.0. You can also purchase the NSE-200-KWN1 model with tempered glass or the NSE-200A-KKN1 model with two USB 3.0.

Cooler Master N200 (NSE-200-KKN1)
Cooler Master N200 (NSE-200-KKN1)

The case has a strict design, so it is suitable for office and home computers. The main material here is steel. It is durable and well finished. The same can be said for plastic elements. The scope of delivery includes 2,120 mm housing fans, which can be expanded by three more.


  • CO change options
  • quality of materials
  • well-designed ergonomics of the interior
  • excellent combination of costs and quality
  • laconic appearance
  • acoustic ergonomics.


  • the noise of full “turntables”.

8. Fractal Design Define Nano S

The Define line is the main one for the manufacturer Fractal Design. It combines the company’s best practices. 

Initially, the series focused only on standard ATX motherboards. Then there were modifications to the motherboards of micro-ATX and after a while, more solutions for Mini-ITX were added to the list. Nano S belongs to this category.

Fractal Design Define Nano S
Fractal Design Define Nano S

Define Nano S is also available in a classic design without a side window. Many buyers consider this solution more successful and you can find it on sale a little cheaper than the Window modification.

This is a little expensive, but it is completely justified.

Perfect quality of assembly, large dust filters at the top and bottom, mounting tanks and pumps for liquid cooling are difficult to find from competitors for the same price. The delivery set is also not bad, as it contains a pair of CBO mounting strips, six connections, an adapter (one to two connectors) for fans and a large set of screws.


  • great appearance
  • both USB 3.0 ports
  • large quick-release filters
  • the presence of sound insulation
  • high quality materials and components
  • stock of space for laying cables
  • two quiet fans included
  • rubberized cable holes.

9. COUGAR Panzer-G Black

Of course, we could not ignore the products of the company COUGAR, which are very popular among professional gamers and amateurs. Panzer-G looks luxurious due to the use of tempered glass not only on the side, but also in front and even on top.


The COUGAR Panzer-G is equipped with three 120 mm fans. They are located at the front and are equipped with a backlight, the intensity of which depends on the speed of rotation. In addition, the user can install 2 more “turntables” of the same size and a pair of 140 mm. Cooling and drip radiators are also supported. Overall, this is a perfect case.


  • support for video cards of up to 425 mm
  • glass on the side, top, and front
  • three fans with red lighting
  • good equipment
  • stylish appearance
  • cheaper than analogues from competitors
  • flexible dust filters with magnets.


  • the glass prevents air currents.

10. Thermaltake Core V51 TG CA-1C6-00M1WN-03

The top three on our review starts with a real masterpiece in terms of design – Core V51 from the brand Thermaltake. Especially interesting is the modification of the Riing Edition, which has a stylish light green color. 

This piece of hardware is extremely difficult to find on sale (even abroad).

Thermaltake Core V51 TG CA-1C6-00M1WN-03
Thermaltake Core V51 TG CA-1C6-00M1WN-03

For cooling, the Core V51 comes with a pair of 140 mm fans at the front and one 120 mm fan at the rear. 

Also, inside are two sockets for 5.25-inch drives and a 5-disc basket where you can install HDDs and SSDs without using additional tools.

Also in the reviews, the Thermaltake case boasted of the presence of rubber pads on the cable holes. The manufacturer provides an official 3-year warranty for the Core V51.


  • excellent design and high-quality installation
  • tempered glass sidewall
  • stable and thick metal is used in the production
  • disk installation basket
  • excellent room
  • two USB 3.0 connectors on the front.

11. Fractal Design Define XL R2 Black Pearl

And once again, the review notes the best company in computer cases, Fractal Design. We decided to put the Define XL R2 in second place just because graphic cards longer than 330mm can’t fit in it, and good gaming adapters are usually bigger. But otherwise, this is the perfect solution for Full Tower.

Fractal Design Define XL R2
Fractal Design Define XL R2

The case comes with three 140 mm fans. In addition, the Define XL R2 can be equipped with 4 more similar “turntables”.

The design of this model is made in a style that’s typical of the manufacturer. There are no complaints about the quality of assembly and sound insulation, so the Define XL R2 case is ideal for a quiet computer. 

Many buyers will appreciate the presence of 4 USB ports on the front panel in this model, two of which meet the 3.0 standard.


  • convenient for cable management
  • many connectors on the front
  • care of design and installation
  • excellent sound insulation
  • the variability of the cooling system
  • regular rebus and 9 expansion slots.


  • the thickness of the steel sheet at the top.

12. Thermaltake Core X71 TG CA-1F8-00M1WN-02

Rounding up our review on the best computer cases is the best solution for the modern gamer – Thermaltake Core X71. 

The prefix “TG” in the name indicates the use of tempered glass in the structure. It is located on the left, occupying only part of the sidewall. Below is a large closed compartment for installing the power supply. There are dust filters on the left, right, and bottom.

Thermaltake Core X71 TG CA-1F8-00M1WN-02
Thermaltake Core X71 TG CA-1F8-00M1WN-02

The dimensions of the Thermaltake Core X71 are quite impressive. So, the height of this model reaches almost 70 centimeters. The width and depth of the box are 250 and 511 mm respectively. There are three full 140 mm fans here. 

In addition, the buyer can install up to 7 more “turntables”, including 200 mm. The case also allows you to install video cards of up to 420 mm long and coolers of up to 180 mm.


  • four USB ports on the front
  • number of seats for fans
  • official warranty for three years
  • many dust filters
  • support for two power supplies
  • long cables on the front panel.


  • full fans are very loud
  • mounting discs is not the most convenient.

Which computer case is better to buy

Low-power home and office computers do not require advanced options. It is enough to buy models from AeroCool or Zalman to get the minimum necessary for reasonable money. 

If your requirements are a little higher, but with a limited budget, then take a closer look at Deepcool or the compact Nano S model from Fractal Design. 

We also included excellent game models in this review of the best computer cases. We liked the Thermaltake solutions the most. The Germans from COUGAR and the Swedes from the already mentioned Fractal Design also performed well.