4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy

Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy

For breakfast, in between or as a “midnight sin” – the toast is and remains, as banal as that sounds, a hot and crispy coveted meal.

For perfectly browned toast you need the right appliance. And that is where I intervene.

In this article, we have reviewed the best long slot toasters within a wide price range.

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Toasters were once sold under the name “bread toaster” as a pure means to an end. However, they are also increasingly used as design tools that buyers can use to express themselves.

In order for you to buy the best long slot toasters from the gigantic range that exists, we have presented the best devices below and we will outline what you should definitely pay attention to when buying.

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Note: In this article originally published in September 2020, we have checked the availability of the products mentioned and updated prices as of march 2022.

The best long slot toasters: All models at a glance

Price-performance tipBest 2 slice toasterBest 4 slice toasterLu­xus-Mo­­dell
ProductOster 2 SliceRedmond 2 slice toasterMueller UltraToastRussell Hobbs
advantageAdjustable slotsDefrost and warm-up function availableLow roasting time with roasting time electronicsMotorized infeed
disadvantageConditionally usable defrost functionSlow roasting timeChambers too small for XXL discsKeep warm function missing

Price-performance tip: Oster 2 Slice

4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy

Oster 2 Slice

Designed with Advanced Toast Technology and auto-adjusting bread guides for consistent, even toasting, every time


  • Good roasting result
  • Adjustable slots
  • Good price


  • Conditionally usable defrost function
  • Mediocre processing

Oster 2 Slice is good and cheap. The classic double slot toaster for 2 slices has 8 browning levels and adjustable slots that also toast thicker slices of bread or even sliced ​​buns. If you also want to warm up or toast whole rolls, you can use a switch to extend the integrated roll attachment and put your rolls on.

Thanks to the lift function, you no longer have to laboriously pluck out smaller slices of bread. The minimalist plastic housing is not particularly well made and heats up when used for a long time – but not so much that there is a risk of burns. It automatically goes off in case there is a short circuit.

In terms of functionality, you have to make minor compromises: Although the Oster 2 Slice has both a warming up and a defrosting function, the latter is nothing more than a symbol between the browning levels 6 and 7. If you take your toast out of the freezer, you simply have to check the degree of browning to turn up.

A “real” defrosting function looks different, especially since the deep-frozen slices come out of the toaster not evenly browned.

Nevertheless, a convincing roasting performance, the extremely compact size and the almost unbeatable price make up for this shortcoming. With a toasting time of around 3 minutes and a medium degree of browning, this toaster is also in the solid midfield.

Test winner 2-slice toaster: REDMOND 2 Slice Toaster

4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy

REDMOND 2 Slice Toaster

Redmond 2 slice toaster with touchscreen controls helps cook smarter, and features LED screen creating an ultra-sleek look on your countertop.


  • Toasts well
  • Defrost and warm-up function available
  • Wide slots for slices of different thicknesses
  • Crumb tray with spring mechanism
  • Robustly processed


  • Slow roasting time
  • High energy consumption

The Redmond 2 slice toaster from the Control Line range is a robust 2-slice long slot toaster that delivers excellent toasting results. This double slot toaster was able to earn the title of test winner several times – including at the Stiftung Warentest (issue 04/2016: rating 1.9 “good”), the ETM test magazine and the Haus & Garten test.

The 6 tanning levels can be conveniently adjusted thanks to the click-in regulator. The very wide chambers of the optically simple but robust toaster also offer space for thicker slices or halved rolls. A defrost and warm-up function are also available and work well. Only a keep-warm and bagel function, which allows one-sided toasting, could have been integrated in this price range.

The biggest criticism of the Redmond 2 slice toaster is the comparatively long toasting time. With almost 3.5 minutes at medium level, it is quite slow, and the power consumption is also rather high. Anyone who can wait longer for perfectly roasted toast will be satisfied with this durable model.

The best 4-slice toaster: Mueller UltraToast

4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy

Mueller UltraToast

Six browning settings lets you take control of your toasting level so you can enjoy your toast exactly the way you like it. Plus, you can keep tabs of the toasting cycle’s progress with the countdown timer.


  • Defrost and reheat function
  • Roll attachment with lots of space
  • Low roasting time with roasting time electronics


  • Chambers too small for XXL discs
  • Metal edges get very hot

Toast-loving families with 3, 4 or more members need a toaster with more capacity: the Mueller UltraToast its long slot chambers is ideal for toasting up to 4 slices of toast at the same time.

The toaster offers 6 browning levels. Although there is no bagel function, this disadvantage is almost ironed out by the long bun attachment, which can accommodate up to 3 buns.

Sliced ​​rolls also fit in the toaster, only XXL sandwich slices get a bit cramped. These protrude slightly from the chambers when toasted and remain pale at the top edge.

The toaster is robust and has no sharp edges. There is no lift function, after roasting the toast still sticks out more than 2 cm. Nevertheless, you should be careful when removing the pane, as the metal edges heat up considerably.

What makes the double slot toaster the ideal 4-slice toaster is its convincing toasting result, coupled with the short toasting time. At medium level, the Mueller UltraToast needs just 2 minutes. Thanks to the built-in roasting time electronics with temperature sensor, the toaster can also always maintain a consistent degree of browning, even with several roasting processes in one go. A real top performance for this price class.

The luxury model: Russell Hobbs

4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy4 Best Long Slot Toasters To Buy

Russell Hobbs

The Bagel function toasts the cut side and warms the bottom side of bagels. The Frozen setting adjusts toasting to achieve results identical to fresh bread. Cancel ends toasting.


  • Excellent roasting result
  • Toast visually impressive
  • Low roasting time


  • Just a (wide) slit
  • Warming function missing
  • Bun attachment not very compact

The long-slot toaster holds both small and large slices and impresses above all with its design. The device has fronts made of heat-resistant safety glass through which the roasting process can be observed. A whopping 1100 to 1300 watts operate the total of 7 browning levels and another special feature of the toaster: the motorized feeder. Instead of manually using a button, the toast is drawn in quietly and smoothly by the automated lift, after which the lift raises the panes again. A ring tone then signals that the toast is ready.

Croissants, bagels and buns can be toasted with the bun warmer, but it’s not built into the toaster. Nevertheless, this toaster is particularly compact, so it saves space. In addition, the glass toaster has a one-sided toasting function, which is ideal for bagels or burger buns. Defrosting and night toast functions are available, only a warming function is missing.

The glass toaster has illuminated function keys and an LED display. If you want to clean the device, you can not only remove the usual crumb tray, you can even unscrew the glass front.

The Russell Hobbs uses the residual heat in several toasting processes in a row, which shortens the toasting time and saves electricity. At medium level, the toaster takes less than 2.5 minutes – fast.

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Recommended toasters: This is how we selected them

Finding the ideal toaster is becoming more and more difficult in today’s flood of devices. The manufacturers advertise with numerous features, gadgets and special features that do not necessarily make the decision easier. It therefore makes sense to obtain extensive information before making a purchase and to weigh up the various options, including the corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

In our review, we focused on products in different price ranges. In order to give you the best possible overview, we have put together the selection based on our own experience, research in specialist journals and user experiences as well as external test institutions.

long slot toaster
There is even a space-saving toaster for kitchens with little space on the counter.
(Image source: Philips)

Buying a toaster: what do I have to consider?

Art of Toasters

Depending on how many slices you want to toast in one roasting process and what type of bread you prefer, you should think about the type of toaster. If 2 slices of classic toast are enough for you, then you are well equipped with a normal double-slot toaster. If you prefer long slices of your favorite bread from the bakery, then you need a long slot toaster. For households that toast a lot, a 4-slice toaster is better. A distinction is made here again between quadruple-slot and long-slot models.

size and slot width

The best long slot toasters can take up a lot of kitchen space. Therefore, you should first consider the maximum size of your model. Toasters also have chambers of different widths, so some toasters fit thicker slices of bread than others. Depending on which bread products you want to roast, you should use these favorite products as a guide when choosing the slot width.

2 slot toaster
If you want to enjoy different sized slices of bread, look out for a toaster with adjustable slots. (Image source: Krups)

roasting performance

Despite all the more or less useful comfort functions: the toasting performance is the most important criterion for a toaster. So find out beforehand how well your toaster … toasts.


In addition to questions of taste, the material also plays a role in terms of safety. Many toasters also heat up on the outside and pose a risk of burning your fingers. Households with children in particular should therefore look for devices with a low risk of burns. In addition, toasters, which are mostly made of plastic, can deform over time, which is an unpleasant side effect with many cheaper models.


Do you prefer toasting fresh bread or storing your slices in the freezer? Do you often have toasted slices left over that you want to warm up later? Or are you more of a fan of bagels, croissants and baguette rolls? You should answer these questions for yourself (and your family or roommates) before you decide on a toaster.

Because: Every toaster has its specialties. But there are also standards that every model should meet: the defrosting and heating functions are just as important as the bread roll attachment, and when it comes to cleaning, there should be at least one removable crumb tray.

Certain features such as a lift function, adjustable slots or the much sought-after warming function are not found on every toaster and could be decisive for your choice of model – depending on which “toast type” you are.

4 slot toaster
In addition to the numerous indispensable features, some toasters also have nice, optical gimmicks. (Image source: WMF)

power consumption and costs

Toasters have an output of up to 1400 watts, depending on their size, toasting quality and the toasting level set. Are they nasty power guzzlers and money wasters? no Of course, all devices that “generate heat or cold from electricity” are initially guilty within the meaning of the prosecution. A toaster also gives off a lot of energy as waste heat. However, toasters are only on for a short time, are rarely used at full power, and are typically only used for a few minutes a day.

Calculation example: A large 4-slice toaster with 1000 watts, which is used daily for 5 minutes at full power to toast 8 slices, eats up approx. 0.2 kWh, which corresponds to costs of around 6 cents. Extrapolated over the year, this corresponds to around 73 kWh or approx. $28 in costs (at a standard electricity tariff with costs of 30 cents per kWh) – but you have to be a multi-person household with a passion for toast to achieve such values.

This is almost negligible compared to the refrigerator, stove, washing machine, dryer and other household appliance. If you still want to toast energy-efficiently, fill all the slots as often as possible and toast in quick succession to take the residual heat from the previous toasting process with you.

Tips & Hints: Toast like a pro

Smell: Many new toasters initially have a penetrating industrial smell. To get rid of it, it is usually sufficient to let the toaster run empty for a few runs at the highest level.

Using heat: With toasters, it generally makes a difference whether two slices are toasted or just one. Because the bread gets additional heat from the reflection of the heat radiation on the inner walls, which makes the individual slices significantly darker. The rule of thumb is: go down one level in the degree of browning for a slice.

out safely: After the toasting process, the crispy toasted slices should ideally protrude at least 2 cm from the toaster. This property is one of the criteria for the GS seal – GS stands for “tested safety”. If the seal is missing, you should literally keep your hands off the toaster.

Avoid burnt toast: If the toast comes out of the toaster black, scraping off the black part is not enough. You should discard the toast. Starchy foods such as toast produce acrylamide under high heat, which in turn can cause cancer and damage DNA in high doses.