7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children
Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

Is the birth imminent or is the baby already here? Congratulation! TechGiig has put together tech gadgets that make life easier in a household with children.

Everything changes with a baby: lots of joy and laughter, but also less sleep (for the new parents) and lots of challenges in everyday life. A lot of advice and tips come from friends, acquaintances, midwives and pediatricians. Some of which relate to home furnishings. 

We have put together a small list of useful gadgets for parents and children that can be purchased before or after birth.

1. A microwave

What for? While a microwave in single households is mainly used to reheat the previous day’s food, it can do a lot more in households with babies. 

This way, grape seed pillows can quickly be brought to a comfortable temperature – which when placed on the belly is a blessing for the child when the digestive system is aching. 

Microwaves are also useful for disinfecting pacifiers: Special bundles of pacifiers with the corresponding box are heated with a little water for a few seconds at maximum power and are ready for the next use after cooling down. 

The box is also available individually and is called a sterilizer for pacifiers and baby bottles. Of course, infant formula can also be heated in microwaves. But they are not suitable for breast milk, so it is better to use the electric bottle warmer.

Which model is good?

7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

Panasonic NN-SN686S

The Panasonic NN-SN686S has an output of up to 1200 watts and is characterized above all by its simple operation. One rotary control for the power and one for the time – it couldn’t be simpler! Apart from that, this microwave looks reasonably chic and the price is not excessive. Clear buy recommendation.

You can find more microwaves in our detailed purchase advisor

2. A clinical thermometer

What for? The health of the baby is the responsibility of the parents. According to Children’s Colorado, a clinical thermometer is, therefore, part of the “basic equipment” in the household. Modern models work electronically and do not cost a lot.

Which model is good?

7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

Beurer FT65 Multifunction Infrared Thermometer

The Beurer FT65 multifunction Infrared Thermometer can simply be placed on the forehead and delivers reliable values. A bestseller on Amazon for good reasons.
Those who prefer a model with fast infrared measurement can take a look at the Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT6020.

3. A room thermometer + a bathtub thermometer

What for? As a third recommendation, a thermometer – not for the body, but for the apartment. The temperature in the (baby) bedroom should ideally be 18 degrees Celsius – a little cooler than, say, the living room or bathroom. A room thermometer measures constantly and provides clarity at a glance. Also recommended: a bathtub thermometer to check the water temperature before bathing.

Which models are good?

7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

TFA Dostmann thermo-hygrometer

The TFA Dostmann thermo-hygrometer works digitally, is easy to read and measures not only the room temperature but also the humidity. By the way, it’s also a clock – especially for breastfeeding mothers, it is advisable to have the times and time intervals on the screen. 

Apart from that, when it comes to baby wake-up calls at night, it is also “interesting” to know whether it is two o’clock in the morning or already five o’clock in the morning.

The Reer penguin thermometer is suitable for monitoring room and bathtub water temperatures. Thanks to individually adjustable temperature limits, a warning signal can be set up, which is activated when the set maximum temperature is exceeded.

4. A radiant heater

What for? A radiant heater provides cozy warmth when changing nappies. Some babies stare into the red glow as if mesmerized and come to rest within a few seconds.

Which model is good?

7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

Suite Bebe – Connelly Changing Table

The Suite Bebe – Connelly Changing Table can be used either as a wall or floor unit. Practical: an automatic switch-off deactivates the heater by itself after 10 minutes. Not exactly cheap, but a real quality product with a high level of security and very good customer ratings on Amazon.

At this point a general tip: As the household grows, the demand for electricity also increases – it is definitely worthwhile to take a close look at the current electricity provider and, if necessary, to switch to a cheaper alternative.

5. A small lamp

What for? Newborns want to be breastfed every few hours – even in the middle of the night. A so-called still light is an easy-to-use bedside lamp that does not dazzle and illuminates the room sufficiently and pleasantly.

Which model is good?

7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

LED Clip-On Star Lamp with 4 Brightness Levels for Kid’s Room

The LED Clip-On Star Lamp looks cute and is popular with Amazon customers. Works energy-saving with LED and is charged via USB. A cheaper alternative is the Reer 52010 Mummy and Me LED nursing light to clip on.

6. An exercise ball

What for? If the baby is restless and unable to sleep, an exercise ball can work wonders. Take the little one on your chest, sit on it, rock it or move it up and down – and the screaming subsides.

Which model is good?

7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

URBNFit Exercise Ball (65 cm) for Stability & Yoga

When it comes to exercise balls, the quality of workmanship and safety are important. We, therefore, recommend the tried and tested “original”, the URBNFit. 

The perfect match: the Xiaomi Air Compressor: an electric high-tech air pump that can also inflate bicycle tubes and even car tires in no time at all.

7. A portable console

What for? Of course not for the baby! The console is for the parents so that they can treat themselves to a little break from time to time. Because when it comes to leisure activities, you shouldn’t fool yourself: With a baby, hours of gaming sessions on the PC or TV are not an option. More practical is a mobile console that can also be used in bed – the place where young parents spend a lot of time.

Which model is good?

7 Useful Gadgets For Parents And Children

Nintendo Switch Lite

Clear case. The Nintendo Switch Lite and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. As soon as the baby is asleep, you can switch off for 1 to 2 hours and collect a few coins with Mario.

Have you had babies yourself and have some good ideas to share? Feel free to write us your suggestions in the comments.