OPPO brand products continue to impress customers with mind-blowing characteristics at a reasonable price. The manufacturer has made it a tradition to always offer quality displays with high pixel density, powerful processors, and great sound. 

Multiple camera modules provide good shooting quality while High-capacity batteries are complemented by a quick charge function.

Our experts have ranked the best OPPO smartphones for 2021 based on user feedback. Using this data, you can make a qualified comparative analysis of popular models and make the right choice.

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The best OPPO smartphones 2021

To simplify the assessment, the review covers the most important technical data. Those we took into account are:

  • aesthetic parameters of the smartphones
  • size and ease of use
  • screen, memory, and performance features
  • autonomy
  • multimedia and communication capabilities.

It is necessary to take into account the differences between the actual device and those designed for different markets. This review is based on official information about models for sale in the USA.

1. OPPO A1k

This device is clear proof of the advantages of modern budget smartphones. At a democratic price, the owner receives at his disposal:

  1. large 6.1” screen without a frame
  2. functional selfie camera in a modern slot
  3. enough internal memory (32 GB)
  4. powerful octa-core processor with a clock speed of up to 2000 MHz.

Instead of the aging fingerprint identification system, this low-cost smartphone from OPPO is equipped with user-friendly face recognition technology. The screen provides good visibility of the picture in bright light from different angles. 

With a game load at an average brightness level, the battery life did not reduce by 18% within an hour.


  • affordable price
  • good autonomy of the smartphone – up to 3 days when background applications are prohibited
  • sensitive and accurate face scanner
  • high-quality picture.


  • no NFC.

2. OPPO A5s

In the list of features of a smartphone, manufacturers often emphasize providing a large number of pixels. In this model, PPIs are not of the highest class (271).


As the reviews confirm, the image quality of this device is not the best since some elements of the image are not noticeable. However, this solution has long-lasting battery life.

It comes standard with a high-quality protective case and a powerful 2A charger. The classic narrow-frame design is complemented by a water clipping.


  • large bright screen
  • good performance of the production processor Helio P35
  • flawless GPS system
  • slow battery discharge
  • high built-in speaker.


  • small defects and dirt can be seen on the glossy plastic back panel of the smartphone.

3. OPPO A5 (2020)

This manufacturer of cheap smartphones OPPO is fully capable of competing against higher-priced models from other brands. This device is equipped with a block of four cameras for high-quality shooting at close and long distances in low light conditions.

OPPO A5 (2020)

The large 6.5-inch screen makes it easy to work and watch videos. The powerful Snapdragon 665 series can handle complex applications without any problems. The battery capacity (5000 mAh) is sufficient for long-term operation.


  • good screen
  • large built-in (RAM) memory – 64 (3) GB
  • has NFC for contactless payments for in-store purchases
  • quick identification of the user by face and fingerprint
  • the rechargeable battery at medium load provides long-term operation of the smartphone (from 1.5 to 2 days).


  • according to some owners, the buttons in the serial case are difficult to press.

4. OPPO A9 (2020) 4 / 128GB

If you buy this model of OPPO smartphone, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with its battery life. The OPPO A9 smartphone is capable of performing complex computer tasks with the help of its Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and large RAM (4GB).

OPPO A9 (2020)

The main camera resolution (48 MP) provides high-quality photos and videos. Additional matrices (8, 2, and 2 MP) are useful for shooting in difficult modes and creating special effects. 

Two independent speakers reproduce stereo quality sound. The built-in memory (128 GB) is sufficient to store large amounts of data without the use of cards. 

It should be emphasized that it has the ability to record telephone conversations in the standard software package without installing any special applications.


  • good front camera (16 MP)
  • high-quality video recording up to 4K resolution
  • excellent stereo sound on a smartphone
  • precise geolocation
  • capacitive battery (5000 mAh).


  • according to user reviews, there are no significant flaws in the A9 smartphone.

5. OPPO Reno

When choosing this device, a certain increase in costs must be taken into account. However, such an investment is justified by a significant improvement in technical parameters and enhanced functionality:

  1. at 403 PPI, the individual pixels are not visible even at close range
  2. AMOLED technology provides high brightness without excessive power consumption
  3. laser autofocus and optical stabilization provide high quality shooting in difficult conditions with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second
  4. Snapdragon 710 has enough power to work properly with heavy applications
  5. you can use your own VOOC Flash Charge technology to quickly charge the battery.

Take note of the lack of a frame and other external elements on the screen of the smartphone OPPO reno. The front camera module slides out automatically when needed.


  • original block with retractable shark fin-shaped camera
  • durable tempered glass body
  • narrow screen frames
  • the main lenses do not protrude from the back cover.


6. OPPO Reno 2Z 8 / 128GB

At first glance, this model of smartphone attracts attention with an impressive back cover, created with slightly curved glass. The cameras are installed in the same plane as the body, but there is a small protective protrusion nearby.

OPPO Reno 2Z 8

The standard silicone case is finished with quality faux leather. The thinness of the frames can be judged by the size of the screen, which is more than 91% of the front surface. 

The fingerprint scanner of the Reno 2Z smartphone is installed on the screen. If necessary, you can use face unlock. A retractable front camera mechanism helped remove cutouts and bangs.


  • original appearance
  • bright picture, natural colors
  • high quality SONY main camera (48 MP)
  • absence of external elements on the screen
  • large memory (128 GB) as standard
  • strong sound.


  • When working with the call log, contact identification is difficult due to the lack of an “avatar”.

7.OPPO Reno 2 8 / 256GB

The solid appearance of this device emphasizes its belonging to the highest price segment. When searching OPPO Reno smartphones, you should pay attention to some important details:

  1. the back cover is made of impact-resistant glass with sloping edges that are easy to grip
  2. the main chambers do not protrude above the surface
  3. leather case with stitching emphasizes the elegance of the design of the entire smartphone
  4. the front camera expands automatically for shooting
  5. The stylish backlight of the power key simplifies work.
OPPO Reno 2 8

For the sake of objectivity, it should be noted that there is no additional protection against moisture (dust).


  • flawless appearance
  • the original shape of the retractable block – “shark fin”
  • built-in fingerprint scanner
  • great cameras.


  • two SIM cards and additional microSD memory cannot be installed in the tray at the same time.

8. OPPO Reno 3 8 / 128GB

This is one of those smartphones that are capable of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding user. If you buy a smartphone from OPPO, model Reno 3, you will get the following features:

  1. powerful gaming processor
  2. fast battery charging up to 50% in 18 minutes
  3. high image refresh rate (up to 90 Hz)
  4. high quality stereo sound (two speakers)
  5. slim and lightweight Reno 3 smartphone with a large display (6.5 ”)
  6. stability of mobile communication with ten antennas installed around the perimeter
  7. AMOLED matrix with high resolution (1080×2400, 411PPI).
OPPO Reno 3 8

The device in terms of technical equipment is comparable to those leading competitors.


  • high quality bright display
  • hybrid 5x magnification
  • support for 5G networks, watching HDR video
  • smartphone weight – 171 g
  • body thickness – 7.7 mm.


  • no headphone jack

Which OPPO smartphone should I buy

Our experts recommend you read this review on OPPO smartphones thoroughly, taking into account your real needs and peculiarities of work. 

To solve everyday tasks, it is enough to buy a budget model since they too were equipped by a well-known manufacturer with high-quality functional components.