8 Best Wireless Chargers For Android

best wireless chargers

New technologies do not give consumers a break due to the speed at which innovations are being made. 

One of the most popular innovations of our era are the smartphone wireless chargers. 

Wireless charging technology is appearing in more and more modern flagships, so it is very likely that all devices will soon switch to it. 

Hence our experts and I have seen it necessary to compile a short review on the best wireless chargers, from which you will likely find a suitable model that’ll be compatible with your smartphone.

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The best wireless chargers for android phones

Wireless chargers are known for their convenience. They plug into a regular outlet and generate a small electric field. Hence, to charge your smartphone, you simply need to place it on a specially designed platform with the screen facing up. 

As a rule, the charging station does not require direct contact with the battery, but in some cases, there are models of smartphones whose batteries will have to be removed and placed on the charger.

Today, the list of wireless chargers is not so wide. But among them, we managed to choose the best and present them to our readers in all their glory.

1. Wireless Xiaomi Mi charging pad

The first place is deservedly occupied by a high-quality wireless charger with a round shape. Judging by the reviews, this model has a durable and non-marking case, and its coating is not subject to scratches.

Wireless Xiaomi Mi charging pad

The model is equipped with one connector. The maximum output of current here is 2A. The device supports a quick charge function. 

A detachable cable is included.


  • clear instructions
  • fast charging
  • the smartphone does not heat up
  • presence of indication
  • non-slip surface.

the only downside lies in the inability to use it on a smartwatch. However, it was designed for smartphones and not smartwatches with wireless charging support.

2. Samsung EP-P1100

The Samsung Wireless Charger is round in shape and comes in black. Below it is a small stand with a rubberized surface.

8 Best Wireless Chargers For Android

The product has a maximum output current of 1A and there is only one connector here. The width of this wireless charger is 8.8 cm, which is quite convenient for an average-sized smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy A21.


  • fast charging function
  • comfortable size
  • the coating is pleasant to touch
  • the ideal choice for Samsung smartphones.

No cons were found.

3. Wireless charger with LED display Baseus Digtal

This round model has received a lot of positive reviews thanks to the built-in battery level indicator. It is available in black, white, and navy blue.

8 Best Wireless Chargers For Android

This good single-connector wireless charger has a maximum output current of 2A along with a quick charge feature. It is also worth noting the presence of a detachable cable with a length of 101-200 cm in the kit.


  • attractive design
  • fast charging
  • matte finish
  • fixed stand
  • helpful indications

4. ZMI WTX10

This review of wireless phone chargers wouldn’t seem complete without a model with a shiny case. Of the color variations, only black and white are sold.

8 Best Wireless Chargers For Android

This single-slot model provides a fast charge function. It has both Type-C and USB connectors. The set includes a cable for connection to the power supply. Also, this device is known to works well and does not overheat.


  • possibility of charging “apple” devices
  • Samsung A21 wireless charging
  • does not overheat
  • nice design
  • optimal cable length
  • the LED indicator does not “offend” the eyes in the dark.

Cons: lack of a charge level indicator.

5. Satechi Type-C PD & QC wireless charger

This is another round but relatively thicker model compared to the others (on this list). This device has received a lot of positive feedback due to the center marking in the form of a cross, hence, permitting the user to correctly place his/her gadget on the platform.

Satechi Type-C PD & QC wireless charger

This cabled model is equipped with both Type-C and USB connectors. It provides a 10 to 100 percent refill in literally an hour or two.


  • accelerated charge
  • compactness
  • stylish design
  • conformity of price and quality
  • light indicator during the operation of the device.

6. Samsung EP-N5200

This rectangular Samsung wireless charging pad is available in white and black. while on it, the smartphone always maintains an upright position – it is tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.

Samsung EP-N5200

This model has a maximum current output of 2A and provides accelerated charging. There is only one connector here and the power of the device is 15 W. This is definitely one of the best wireless phone chargers.


  • ease of use
  • lack of noise
  • fast charging
  • excellent equipment
  • understandable indicator.

As a disadvantage, keep in mind the high price.

7. Baseus multifunction wireless charging pad

Feedback on this wireless charger is very positive, especially in terms of its design. This model is made in a rectangular shape with rounded corners, so it looks like the body of a smartphone. 

Unlike other devices in this review, this charger is designed not only in black but also in gold.

Baseus multifunction wireless charging pad

The main characteristics of the product in question: one connector, output current 1A, maximum output voltage 9 V. It should be noted that a detachable cable is included in the kit.


  • interesting design
  • possibility of charging the smartphone horizontally and vertically
  • relatively cheap.

Cons the phone may slip while in a vertical position.

8. Samsung EP-P5200

Completing our review is Samsung’s oval wireless charger. This Samsung charging pad permits you to mount two phones at the same time. 

The overall structure reaches almost 20 cm in length.

Samsung EP-P5200

Samsung EP-P5200 has two connectors and supports the generally accepted Qi standard. The maximum output current here is 2.1A. Finally, the kit includes a 25 W variable charger.


  • charging two devices simultaneously at the same speed
  • Galaxy A21 wireless charging
  • impeccable quality
  • comfortable
  • light indicators

Which wireless charger to buy

Experts of “techgiig.com” listed the best wireless chargers, among which it is not easy to make the right choice. Since the devices do not differ much from each other, you need to pay attention to the cost. 

So, for those on a budget, we recommend ZMI WTX10 and Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad, and the most expensive here are Samsung EP-P5200 and Baseus Multifunctional Wireless Charging Pad.