9 Best Webcams

best webcams

Modern technologies are evolving rapidly. Not so long ago, the speed of the Internet made it impossible to exchange information in a media format. 

That’s not the case these days, the web has evolved and communication through audio and videos is pretty straightforward. The only thing you need is a special device known as a webcam. Its principle of operation is the same as with a conventional video camera. 

However, it has become quite difficult to choose a quality webcam due to the great number being produced each year (and still in the market). This blog article will help you choose the best webcams based on quality and reviews.

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Best webcams

A webcam is a gadget that has long been a must for a home computer. Its function is to provide video communication via the Internet, using a personal computer and special software. However, modern devices are not limited to this feature. They can take photos, edit and broadcast videos.

So, the most common webcam applications are as follows:

  • communication with family and friends using programs that provide video communication
  • capture YouTube videos, such as reviews, streams, and the like;
  • as a mirror, especially with programs that can match makeup or hair.

Choosing a good webcam for a computer can be based on customer reviews or based on certain features determined by the scope of the gadget. If your goal is to connect with relatives several times a week, then a budget webcam with a minimum of features is enough. 

However, if you intend to shoot videos that attract hundreds of thousands of viewers, you should consider buying a high-quality webcam that can record videos in HD format. For these purposes, built-in cameras, for example on a laptop, are absolutely not enough, as they do not have the necessary parameters.

1. Logitech Brio

This webcam is a very popular model designed for high quality Full HD video. If you want, you can even shoot in 4K, but the frame rate will be limited to 30 per second. It is equipped with 5 times magnification, although only digitally.

Logitech Brio

The autofocus and built-in microphone make it very convenient for capturing video while the user is in front of the computer. Having a mechanical shutter will appeal to people who do not want to be spied on using a webcam lens.

The device is recommended for users who want their camera to show a good image, prevent intrusion into privacy and allow you to shoot simple videos.


  • possibility to shoot in Full HD format at 60 frames per second
  • Windows and macOS compatibility
  • stylish design
  • long warranty (3 years)
  • high level of clarity and contrast of the image
  • possibility to mount the monitor.


  • high price
  • inconvenient to attach to monitors with narrow frames.

2. Logitech C922 Pro Stream

This model is one of the best webcams for streaming. Its capabilities allow you to stream video in Full HD at 30 frames per second or plain HD at 60 frames per second. Special software provides the ability to broadcast live on YouTube or Twitch.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Autofocus and wide viewing angles will only make this process easier and more convenient. A nice bonus for buying this camera is the XSplit premium license for 3 months. Having two microphones will make the sound as clear and detailed as possible, regardless of the user’s position relative to the camera.

This is ideal for streamers


  • high-quality image
  • excellent dynamic range
  • stereo microphone
  • autofocus
  • chic choice of settings
  • full tripod
  • wide viewing angle
  • Compatible with Android 5.0, Windows 10, and macOS 10.9.


  • frame rate at Full HD resolution of only 30 fps.

3. Microsoft 5WH-00002

This webcam is a device that is light and compact. With its help you will be able to communicate easily with relatives, friends and business partners, regardless of location.

9 Best Webcams

The camera also allows you to share photos and videos on social networks using special software. It is optimized for Microsoft Lync, a special program that allows users to communicate in real time by creating conferences, transferring files, sharing desktops, instant messaging, voice, and video communication.


  • autofocus
  • high-quality optics
  • high sensitivity at night
  • compatibility with a large number of Softwares
  • ease of use.


  • lack of software
  • fastening quality

4. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

This webcam is the leading model in the line of this manufacturer. Can be used to communicate with good video quality. In addition, it is accompanied by a large number of useful and enjoyable features that significantly expand the functionality.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Features of the webcam include a high-quality 10-megapixel sensor, an excellent lens from Carl Zeiss, as well as advanced autofocus. The camera mounts easily to any tripod or monitor. Even the quality of assembly is high, without the slightest drawback.

This model can be recommended to users who are willing to spend a significant amount on the right to use high quality equipment.


  • compatibility with all versions of Windows and Mac OS X
  • capture in the H.264 standard, which provides high quality video at a low bitrate
  • high quality materials
  • ease of customization
  • Full HD video recording
  • realistic stereo sound.


  • significant costs.

5. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

This camera has one of the best value for money. The aluminum body gives it a very solid and expensive look. Automatic sharpness and exposure settings create stunning 720p video with crystal clear audio.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

To further enhance the video, special ClearFrame technology is used, which enhances the image in low light. With a 360 degree rotation, you do not have to worry about where the camera is located, as it can be aimed at the user from almost any position.


  • compatibility with all versions of Windows
  • high-quality microphone
  • convenient installation
  • neat execution
  • excellent sensitivity to light
  • stylish design.


  • in low light, the autofocus does not always work properly.

6. Logitech BCC950

This model is not just an excellent webcam for video conferencing, but a whole range of devices designed for high quality video conferencing. With their help you can hold meetings anywhere in the office at any convenient time.

Logitech BCC950

This system supports high-definition video and consists of a high-quality add-and-play camera that allows you to easily connect to any computer and speaker. It is ideal for small spaces and small groups of people. The system is quick and easy to install both at the office desk and in a conference room.

The webcam is recommended for purchase by businessmen who need to regularly hold or participate in various video conferences.


  • ease of connection
  • compatibility with most OS and programs
  • convenient control with the help of the remote control
  • high-quality microphone and noise canceling function


  • very high price.

7. Razer Kiyo

User reviews say that this webcam is one of the best for streaming up to 60 frames per second in 2021. It is also among the first webcams in the world to have custom ring lighting. The backlight, consisting of 12 LEDs which provide a luminous flux with a temperature of 5600K.

Razer Kiyo

The dimming range is 12 levels to achieve perfect lighting in almost any situation. The webcam supports streaming platforms such as Xsplit and Open Broadcaster Software. This allows you to continue to use each of them to be in constant communication with the audience.


  • high-quality lighting
  • built-in microphone
  • high-quality video
  • compatibility with Windows 7.


  • Full HD is only possible at 30 frames per second.

8. Genius FaceCam 320

This cheap but high quality webcam is only for face-to-face video calls. Plug & Play technology allows you to easily and very quickly connect to any computer, and the built-in microphone ensures good hearing when communicating with family or friends.

Genius FaceCam 320

The image protection mechanism protects the transmitted images from unauthorized access. The monitor mounter is equipped with a universal clip. As a last resort, the camera can simply be placed on the table.

It is recommended for purchase by users who only need to occasionally communicate with relatives through video communication. For other purposes, it is recommended to consider a different model.


  • easy connection
  • built-in microphone
  • universal installation
  • Low price.


  • poor image quality

9. Defender C-110

Designed for Skype or any other video messenger, this webcam is the cheapest in the review. However, it handles all tasks perfectly. The dual-layer glass lens produces very good picture quality, and the built-in microphone provides high-quality sound.

9 Best Webcams

The webcam can easily and securely be attached to the monitor with universal mounting. To ensure good visibility in low light conditions, it is possible to change the brightness of the backlight. you do not need to install additional drivers to connect it.

The webcam is recommended only for the most economical users who do not strive for high image quality.


  • price
  • Plug & Play connection
  • can be installed separately from the monitor
  • the ability to change the brightness of the backlight
  • compatibility with all versions of Windows.


  • low video resolution.

Which webcam should I buy

Choosing the best webcam for your computer should be based on exactly how it will be used. First of all, you need to take note of the matrix, because it is responsible for the quality of the final image.

They are available in two flavors: CCD or CMOS. The former is able to create a better picture without “noise”, but has a high cost compared to the latter. 

The CMOS matrix is ​​quite sufficient for communication via Skype or any other video conferencing program. A CD is needed to create a high-quality video sequence, which is a mandatory attribute for video bloggers and streamers.

Other equally important features for best webcams are:

  1. The number of frames per second The minimum value for more or less comfortable perception should be 30 fps. The optimal is 60 fps. It is true that the smoothness of the picture also depends on the speed of the Internet, which is also recommended to take into account.
  2. Focusing. Divided into manual, fixed, and automatic. Fixed focus is the cheapest and most inconvenient because it focuses on objects at a certain distance. The most reliable is manual because it can be customized by the user. The most convenient is automatic but does not always focus on the object on which it is needed.
  3. Microphone. A plug-in can also be built-in. The first is good if the camera is used while sitting in front of it indoors. If you intend to shoot outdoors, then it is recommended to use models with a microphone attached. A webcam with a good microphone is an indispensable attribute for any video blogger or streamer.
  4. Fixing method. It may vary from person to person. The main thing is that it allows you to place it in a user-friendly way.
  5. Connection. The most common is a USB connector, but a large number of wireless models have appeared that do not connect to the length of the wire.
  6. Compatibility. All devices in this review are compatible with Windows by default. Therefore, users of this system should not look at this parameter. If a different system is installed on your computer, then you need to clarify whether this or that model is compatible with a particular OS or not.

Parameter such as appearance plays an extremely aesthetic role. Therefore, it all depends on the taste of the buyer.

Knowing the best webcam for you will help you better navigate the variety of models in this review. Even if there is no suitable model here for you, I however hope you have a better idea of ​​what you need.