Apple Introduces Beats Studio Buds (Review)

beats studio buds
beats studio buds

They haven’t been a secret for a long time, but now Apple is making the ominous Beats Studio Buds official. The manufacturer surprised everyone with the wireless in-ear headphones, most especially with the unusually cheap price.

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In the past few days and weeks, more and more celebrity contemporaries have been caught unashamedly wearing the new Beats Studio Buds, new headphones from Apple’s sister brand that isn’t actually available for sale yet. A clever marketing ploy, but Apple’s biggest surprise comes with the price.

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Much cheaper than Apple’s AirPods Pro

We remember: The comparable AirPods Pro cost about $200 at Apple, in free trade you can get them for around $195. For the new Beats Studio Buds, on the other hand, you are only charged $149.99 from the start. Any price savings in retail are not even taken into account. And what do you get for it?

Beats Studio Buds
Beats Studio Bud

Real, wireless in-ear headphones with ANC (Active Noise Canceling) that are sweat- and water-resistant in accordance with IPX4 certification – just like the AirPods Pro. 

Equivalent to the Apple earphones, the Beats also have a transparency mode so that ambient noise can also be heard without any problems.

Beats buds
Beats buds

According to the manufacturer, the sound quality should be powerful and balanced, thanks to an 8.2 mm large, special membrane with two elements and a two-chamber housing. 

Important to know: The Beats Studio Buds automatically support 3D audio with Dolby Atmos – perfect surround sound and the latest feature from Apple Music.

As with other Beats earphones, the Beats Studio Buds can be easily connected to Apple and Android devices – AirPods users are already familiar with this. It goes without saying that the respective voice assistants are also supported, and iPhone users can simply start by shouting “Hey Siri”. 

Useful: With the Studio Buds you get the first Beats product that works with both the iOS feature “Where is?” And the Android feature “Find my device”. 

Meaning: If a headphone is lost, it can be found based on its last known location or by playing a sound.

Studio Buds Intro

The secret to the cheaper price

With one battery charge, the Beats Studio Buds can run for around 8 hours, thanks to the included charging case, up to 24 hours are possible with two additional recharges. However, if you use ANC, you have to expect a little less endurance – 5 hours at a time or 15 hours with a charging case. 

Another important piece of information about the charging case: In contrast to the AirPods Pro, we could not find any evidence of Qi certification. 

Ergo: A cable is absolutely necessary to “refuel” the case, but charging mats are not supported. This partly explains the no less attractive price.

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Beats Studio Charger
Beats Studio Charger

If you like it colored, Beats Studio Buds are an alternative to the white monotony from Apple because apart from white, Beats headphones are also available in black and red. In our opinion, the latter looks particularly sexy. Specific publication date is not mentioned, the current communication is somewhat vague about “from summer”. As you know, on paper it starts on Monday, June 21, 2021.