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This section presents the best products from the world of “Computer Technology”, as well as the most popular manufacturers of high quality and reliable innovative technologies. We invite all our readers to get acquainted with the reviews of the best computer components, office equipment, printers and MFPs, storage devices, monitors, tablets, and many other necessary devices.

free Android emulators

Best 3 – Free Android Emulators

Would you like to enjoy the Android applications that you are used to using on your smartphone or tablet with your Windows computer? It's...
build your own gaming pc in 2021

Build Your Own Gaming PC in 2021

Would you like to assemble your next gaming PC yourself, but are overwhelmed by the huge selection of components? Which processor fits which mainboard?...
Best PC Speakers 2021

Best PC Speakers 2021

Anyone who likes to watch series on their laptop will probably know the problem - bad sound is only half as fun. When gaming,...
Acer Swift 3 Review

The Acer Swift 3 Review

The Acer Swift 3 is known as an all-rounder. Thanks to its long battery life and the associated mobility, the laptop quickly made a...
Best Game Controllers For PC

The Best Game Controllers For PC

While the mouse and keyboard for first-person shooters and strategy games remain the first choice for most PC gamers, many other game genres are...
Best Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse: Comparison

In the field of gaming mice, there is now a huge range of models, all of which are equipped with different additional functions.  In this...
best computer cases

12 Best Computer Cases

Of course, the case is not a necessary component for the operation of the computer. If desired, you can assemble all the hardware on an...
best amd graphic cards

The 7 Best AMD Graphic Cards

In recent years, AMD has managed to increase its presence in both the processor segment and the video adapter market.  The growing popularity of the...
Best CPU Coolers

12 Best CPU Coolers

Some computer operations are difficult, if not impossible without certain components. But if you have to prioritize, then the processor will probably come out first. It...
Best Gaming Monitors

Best Gaming Monitors 2021

If you want to get the most out of your games, you need two things: A powerful PC and a corresponding gaming monitor.  My team...

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