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AV1: A new Generation Video Codec

AV1 is touted as the new video format for the Web to replace the well-known and proven MPEG format. The AV1 codec is a clever mix of the VP10 codecs from Google, Daala from Mozilla, and Thor from Cisco; the...
beats studio buds

Apple Introduces Beats Studio Buds (Review)

They haven't been a secret for a long time, but now Apple is making the ominous Beats Studio Buds official. The manufacturer surprises with the...
what is qhd display

What is qHD Display?

In the jungle of different display resolutions, qHD display appears next to terms such as WQHD, UWQHD, 4K or Full HD. We explain what qHD...
MacBook Pro 2021 Announcement

MacBook Pro 2021 Announcement

MacBook Pro 2021 Announcement: Apple is currently under extreme pressure because secret plans for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2021 were not only revealed but...
the end of bitcoin

Could it be the End of Bitcoin?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been on everyone's lips for a few years and its value continues to rise. But this cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming an...

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