Crave Tv Canada cost and subscription for the Streaming Service

Crave Tv Canada cost

Ever wondered if there is a Canadian alternative to Netflix (the American streaming service). The answer is yes. Owned by Bell Canada, Crave is a video-on-demand service available to Bell subscribers and subscribers of other carriers for a higher fee.

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Crave: What is it?

Crave is 10,000 hours of television programs. Hundreds of documentaries, films, and series of all kinds. The Canadian service is a partner of the Showtime and HBO channels, which allows it to offer its television content for free. Finally, the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are both owned by Bell and are included in the subscription.

Available on your smart TV, on the mobile application, on the internet, or on your game console, you can watch your favorite shows and movies from any medium.

How do we subscribe to Crave TV?

Crave subscription for Bell customers

If you use Bell services, you already have a MyBell account to view your internet, television or telephone bills. When you sign up for Crave, the service is added to your customer area and you access it with your MyBell credentials.

Subscription without being a customer

If you’re not a Bell user, don’t panic, you can still create an account. Go to the Crave website. You have two options.

Watch now

First, you have the option to subscribe directly to the streaming channel by clicking on “Watch now?”. This allows you to create an account and log in to the service.

From your cable provider  

The second option is to check with your cable service. Some have an agreement with Bell and it is worth checking if you can save on the cost of the subscription.

On the Crave site, click on “Find my TV provider?”. Then select your province and service provider to benefit from the best promotions available.

How much does Crave Tv cost?

When you are a Bell customer, you must speak to a customer service representative, as some offers may be in effect and are not displayed online. The price displayed on the supplier’s site is identical to that of Crave.

When you go directly to Crave’s site, there are two deals available for each package: the monthly and annual subscriptions. Note that taxes are applicable.

Crave1 user at a time 1 device9,99 $99,90 $ (save $19.98)
Crave total4 users at a time 5 devices19,99 $199,90 $ (saving $39.98)
StarzEnglish Supplementary Package5,99 $59,90 $  (saving $11.98)

It is important to mention that the service allows free trials, like DAZN. However, this trial is for one week. Remember to cancel the subscription before the end of this promotion to avoid being charged.

Advantages of some other providers

Depending on your service provider, the monthly subscription amount may vary or include other paid channels. cable Axion, located in Estrie, offers Crave total at $20 per month, including Super Ecran. The chain alone usually costs $12.

Among the best series on Crave

Who Is America?

If you like politics and love Sacha Baron Cohen, you’ll enjoy his Showtime-edited series. The protagonist traps political actors and passers-by by putting them in really embarrassing situations. The show, although political and dealing with very serious subjects, is really funny and worth watching.

The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones et Lovecraft Country

Now that we’ve introduced you to a series from Showtime, let’s see what HBO has to offer. Obviously, The Wire, The Sopranos, or Game of Thrones are all aged series.

However, if you want to watch something current, we recommend Lovecraft Country which is based on the novel of the same name written by Matt Ruff. Exploring themes of anti-black racism, this drama series follows the character of Atticus Freeman on his journey United States in the segregated 1950s Accompanied by his friends, he is looking for his missing father. As if the discrimination wasn’t enough, they must face the threat of monsters straight out of Lovecraft’s universe.

Star Trek for sci-fi fans

If you are more of a science fiction fan, Star Trek Discovery is a series taking place in the universe of the famous franchise. We follow the crew of the USS Discovery as they travel the galaxy, meeting new civilizations and discovering new worlds at the same time. It’s a beautiful series of space exploration that uses recent cinema techniques and technologies. With Star Trek having aged less well than Star Wars, this series is refreshing.

We’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg of television content offered by Crave. Regularly visit the news sections for movies, as well as for TV series, since they are updated every week.