Is Bluetooth Harmful or Harmless?

Is Bluetooth Harmful or Harmless?

Wireless data transmission such as Bluetooth or WLAN is practical, but is it also harmless to health? After all, it is an unnatural source of radiation to which the body is exposed. We have compiled all the important information for you in this article.

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Is Bluetooth radiation harmful?

  • Bluetooth radiates mobile communications in the high-frequency gigahertz range.
  • With Bluetooth, it is 2.4 GHz – i.e. 2.4 billion pulses per second that go through the body when it is between the transmitter and the source.
  • Bluetooth devices within this frequency field can exchange data.
  • Devices that are worn directly on the body represent an increased source of radiation for the body. The prime example here is smartphones and Bluetooth headphones.
Bluetooth symbol

The following devices use Bluetooth radiation when the function is activated: smartphones, headphones, speakers, laptops, PC keyboards, mice, and other mobile devices.

Limit values ​​for end devices have been set for the strength of Bluetooth radiation:

transmit powerRangeburden
class 1about 100 mWMore than 100 meters
(comparable to WLAN router)
The highest
2nd gradeabout 2.5 mWUp to 30 metersMiddle
Class 3about 1 mWfew meters
(only for close range)

Class 1 radiates the strongest here and should never be used in the immediate vicinity of people. As a rule, most Bluetooth devices for private use radiate in class 2 or 3. However, you need to know the following:

  • The end devices are divided into these categories based on their maximum transmission power. This means that if a device actually emits permanently in Class 3, but can theoretically reach 100 mW in exceptional cases, it still ends up in Class 1.
  • Classes 2 and 3 are only considered safe. That means you don’t really know if they’re harmless.
  • Limits are based on the heating of surrounding tissue, similar to cell phone SAR.
  • However, even below these limit values, pulsed fields can disrupt the communication of cells and thus interfere with biological processes.
  • However, these changes are hardly or not at all measurable or verifiable.
  • Also, you would have to do years of research with humans to get any relevant results.

Conclusion: The limit values ​​do not provide any real information as to whether and to what extent Bluetooth radiation is dangerous. It's just a categorization.

Why is there no clear evidence that Bluetooth is harmful?

Since the Bluetooth industry earns money through Bluetooth technology, it generally has no need to prove that Bluetooth is (harmless) or harmful. Since the proof is also very opaque and difficult to read out, as described above, possible biological interference from Bluetooth is not taken into account in industry, but only the heating of the surrounding tissue is measured.

Then there is the question of whether people who have a real (non-profit) interest in testing Bluetooth harmfulness usually have the financial means to conduct such long-term studies.

Conclusion: Basically, Bluetooth radiation is radiation that man invented and therefore is not natural for the human body. When in doubt, it is always advisable to expose yourself to radiation such as Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM & Co. as little as possible.

How can I protect myself against Bluetooth radiation?

It is relatively easy to do when surrounding Bluetooth devices are disabled.

  • Bluetooth radiation from the neighbors is not as serious as WLAN radiation, because Bluetooth radiation is usually only designed for close range.
  • Also, Bluetooth radiation from the neighbors will be weakened by walls, as long as it is not class 1 radiation.
  • There is a special shielding paint. It is applied like normal wall paint and, according to the manufacturer, keeps a large part of the radiation from the neighborhood away. The normal wall paint can then be applied over it.
Is Bluetooth Harmful or Harmless?Is Bluetooth Harmful or Harmless?

EMF Shielding Paint

Attenuation of 36dB (effectiveness of 99.98%) one layer, 43dB (effectiveness of 99.995%) two layers.

It is best to research for yourself to what extent the colors have a proven effect. That certainly also depends on the respective color and the manufacturer. It should also be clarified whether the paint itself is harmless to health.

Conclusion: Is Bluetooth radiation harmful or harmless?

To be on the safe side, it certainly makes sense not to be out and about with Bluetooth headsets or other devices on your body or head every day if you regularly suffer from headaches or other worrying symptoms.

Ultimately, Bluetooth users are in the process of finding out for themselves whether Bluetooth radiation is harmful by using it on a daily basis. But even if any worrying symptoms were to develop from this, it would probably be difficult to establish a link to Bluetooth radiation, since other factors also play a role in a person’s health, such as exercise or a healthy diet.