MacBook Pro 2021 Announcement

MacBook Pro 2021 Announcement
MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 2021 Announcement: Apple is currently under extreme pressure because secret plans for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2021 were not only revealed but previously stolen from a contract manufacturer. After all, what was previously only reported is now certain.

Already a few weeks ago there were rumors that, according to Apple, the redesign of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2021 (optionally with 14- or 16-inch display) will happily bring back connections that have been cherished but once rejected

In return, the Touch Bar would then be deleted without replacement. 

Just stupid rumors? Probably not, because now there is confirmation and it can be found in explosive documents and technical drawings, which, of all things, reached the light of the public through criminal means.

Stolen data prove: Apple plans MacBook Pro 2021 with HDMI and MagSafe

For example, the ransomware group called REvil stole relevant documents through a cyber attack on Apple’s contract manufacturer Quanta, as reported by Bloomberg. The bad guys are currently in possession of various documents, have already published some of them, and threaten to reveal more details if Apple does not make the corresponding payments by May 1, 2021. In short: Apple is being blackmailed as badly as possible.

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Our colleagues from MacRumors and 9to5Mac have already caught a glimpse of the drawings and documents published so far. Due to the clearly criminal background, we ourselves have decided not to show them explicitly here. 

MacBook Pro 2021 design

Among other things, the logic board is recognizable from the leaked graphics we’ve seen. An HDMI connection is visible on the right side of the device, next to it a USB-C / Thunderbolt connection, followed by an SD card reader. On the left, there are two more USB-C / Thunderbolt ports and a MagSafe charging port. 

All in all, three USB-C / Thunderbolt ports, currently there are still four ports. But then there are HDMI and MagSafe again, so in the end, you have the necessary connectors and adapters for daily use.

Rumors surrounding the upcoming MacBook Pro 2021 are becoming more and more certain. This is ensured not least by the hopeful statements of the most cited Apple expert.

The well-known and reliable Ming-Chi Kuo confirms the return of the SD card slot and the HDMI connection in his latest report.

The SD card reader is to be built exclusively by the Taiwanese company “Genesys Logic”. As expected, Kuo is setting the release date for the second half of the year.

MacBook Pro 2021: Apple is bringing back HDMI and SD card readers

As early as the end of January, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman mentioned rumors that have now been confirmed. 

Ergo: Apple really dares and brings back technologies that they have come to love. We remember: With the introduction of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar at the end of 2016, the HDMI connection and SD card slot disappeared without comment. 

If you wanted to quickly connect your computer to the TV or read out the memory card of your camera, you needed extra cables and adapters. With the new forecast, however, the hopes of turning away from Apple’s previous tactics have now been confirmed.

New features of the MacBook Pro 2021

This makes the picture of the MacBook Pro 2021 ever clearer. Apart from the return of HDMI and the SD card reader, the following can already be said:

  • There will be two model variants in 14 and 16 inches, the screen consists of mini LEDs.
  • The design is based on the iPad Pro with clearly recognizable edges.
  • The Touch Bar is no longer available, it wasn’t that popular anyway.
  • MagSafe comes back and with it a safe, magnetic locking of the charging cable.
  • Apple chips with enhanced performance, Intel is no longer an option.