Overview Of The 10 Best Youtube Alternatives

10 Best Youtube Alternatives
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YouTube is the undisputed leader in the video space. More than two billion Internet users surf this platform on a regular basis. Hence, there is no doubt that it has grown to become an effective marketing tool. Videos can be loaded there with just a few clicks and can even be embedded on other websites through automatically generated HTML code.

But, are there alternatives to YouTube? We will answer this question by reviewing the 10 best Youtube alternatives.

Dailymotion was for a long time YouTube’s biggest competitor in France. However, since then, new platforms sprung up, offering private or professional users various possibilities for posting and viewing great content.

In addition to Dailymotion, private users as well as professional users now have a variety of options for publishing or displaying quality content: DTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Vevo, VidLii, Odysee, Instagram Video, Wistia, and Brightcove. We’ve got you covered as we explore these ten alternatives to YouTube, going over their pros and cons.

Overview: 10 Best YouTube Alternatives

PlatformPrice modelmain FeaturesFocus
Dailymotion– Free for viewers and downloaders – Price template for video promotion and advertising– Downloading long videos: 60 minutes / 2GB (advanced user: unrestricted) – Optional video monetization – Intuitive and clear layoutEntertainment, lifestyle, and sports industry
Dtube– Free for viewers and content creators – Cryptocurrency based monetization– Blockchain as the basis for storing published content – Top block producers are chosen by the communityLifestyle, Informations, Gaming
Vimeo– Free for viewers – Free basic subscription – Vimeo Plus €6/month – Vimeo PRO €16/month – Vimeo Business €40/month – Vimeo Premium 70 €/mois– Exchange platform for creative professionals – Emphasizes artistic content like music videos, short films, and documentaries – Large storage capacity (depending on the plan) – Customizable playerIT and technology, science, art, entertainment
Twitch– Free for viewers – Free for streamers/downloaders – Twitch Prime around €8/month – Twitch Turbo around €7.5/month– Live streaming platform for gamers – Property of Amazon – IRL function enables live streaming – User Generated ContentGaming, entertainment, computing, and technology
Vevo– Free for viewers – Free for artists– Offer support to established artists and newcomers to the music industry – Vevo-tagged music videos on third-party platformsArtists (music)
VidLii– Free for viewers – Free for downloaders– Fully functional video platform with the charm of a student projectEntertainment
Odysee– Free for viewers and downloaders – Cryptocurrency based monetization– Blockchain as the basis for storing published contentLifestyle, technical content, Finances, News, Gaming
Instagram Video– Free for viewers and downloaders  – Instagram video area consists of IGTV and stream videosEntertainment, art, science, lifestyle
Wistia– Free Version – Wistia Pro around €87/month – Wistia Advanced: contact required– Video hosting platform – Developing and increasing brand awarenessIT and Technology, Business, Health
Brightcove– Unknown: contact required– Video hosting platform with different products and solutionsIT and technology, finance, health

All information as of January 2022. The best YouTube alternatives in detail


Dailymotion is a French video portal representing one of the best alternatives to YouTube. Dailymotion ranks second in France in this market, behind YouTube. This portal also comes second in many other countries. The company thus claims more than 250 million users worldwide. 3.5 billion videos are watched every month on Dailymotion .

Dailymotion scores points above all thanks to the specificities of loading videos: the latter is limited to 2 GB and to a duration of 60 minutes (these restrictions do not apply to advanced users). Many audio and video formats are compatible, so the user who wants to load a video can choose between .mov , .mpeg4 , .mp4 , .avi and .wmv . H.264/AVC video codec, AAC audio codec, and a Frame-Rate of 25 FPS (frames per second) are recommended. A resolution of up to 3,840 x 2,160 (4K) is possible. This portal is therefore very suitable for users wishing to upload large video files or high-quality images.

The layout is clean with black and white navigation. Embedding videos on external platforms is easy: the necessary HTML code is generated with a single click.

youtube alternative 1
Dailymotion comes with a sleek homepage and a large format teaser video. / Source: http://www.dailymotion.com/

Monetization of videos is also possible, as well as the adaptation of the player and the control of analysis tools. Dailymotion is thus proving to be one of the best alternatives to YouTube, especially for bloggers who wish to offer paid or premium content.

In order to monetize your YouTube channel, you must activate the corresponding setting or alternatively use a special provider widget.

Dailymotion is available in the form of applications for Smart-TV, Playstation and many other media. Hence, permitting you to watch content directly from your couch. This service is also available on mobile via applications dedicated to iOS or Android systems.

✔ Alternative to YouTube with the highest reach✘ Little used in some countries such as Germany (5%)
✔ Full video loading features✘ Video thumbnails can only be uploaded by users with a verified partner account
✔ Orderly layout 
✔ Video files up to 2 GB and/or 60 minutes in length 
✔ Optional video monetization 
✔ Applications for many mediums 


The American company Steemit launched the blogging and social media platform of the same name in 2016. It allows the decentralized distribution of different types of content based on the Blockchain Steem. Videos can be downloaded through the YouTube alternative DTube which is an integral part of the Steemit network. The DTube platform is based on the IPFS protocol which allows the distributed storage of downloaded videos on the different computers involved in the blockchain. In this, it differs from YouTube which stores all data on Google’s servers.

The production of new blocks for the Steem blockchain is the responsibility of the DTube “leaders” (currently 15), who are chosen by all users through a vote. Five votes are available to all registered users, who can receive cryptocurrency rewards for both video uploads and likes and comments. A big advantage over YouTube and many other video platforms: DTube is completely ad-free.

DTube aims to be an important alternative to YouTube, especially with regard to data security, but the layout is very similar to that of the market leader; Source: https://d.tube/

With technologies like blockchain and individually generated keys to log in to the video platform, it takes new users a bit of time to get used to DTube. To make it easier to access, the developers of the web application deliberately took inspiration from YouTube in terms of design, in order to create a familiar environment . The following three options are available for download:

  • Peer-to-peer: the most anonymous download variant, where you can choose between BTFS, Skynet and IPFS protocols.
  • Third-Party URL: The easiest way to upload videos, with which users can embed videos on DTube via clip URL from platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, LiveLeak, Vimeo or Facebook.
  • File Download: The best way to download files light and simple.

With its concept, DTube represents a forward-looking alternative to YouTube, which is currently struggling to keep pace. According to officials, there are already more than 189,000 content creators and content curators registered on the blockchain video platform since 2019, uploading a video every three minutes on average. The approximately 2 million monthly unique visitors show that DTube is still in its infancy.

✔ Decentralized content storage✘ Fewer users
✔ Ad-Free✘ Little content available
✔ Censorship Protection 


Vimeo is an American video service founded in 2004 and specializes in streaming artistically demanding videos . It is therefore not surprising that the service is developed by directors and especially managers, professional or not, in order to offer a distribution platform for their works. There are for example some documentaries, music videos, short and impressive. Anyone interested in independently producing any kind of art can find Vimeo a quality alternative to YouTube. Vimeo’s reach clearly lags far behind that of the competition. However, Vimeo has still found its place in this niche of video platforms with quality content.

The demand for an exchange platform for creatives is immediately reflected on the homepage: there are featured stories and videos selected by employees. It quickly conveys the impression of an interactive gallery . The service provides a nice framework for uploading high-quality videos. Vimeo offers different types of paid accounts: the basic free version allows the uploading of 500 MB of video files per week only while “Vimeo Plus” offers 5 GB. The “Vimeo Pro” version offers 20 GB with which you can publish videos yourself in 4K, or in ultra HD. There are therefore, at least with professional accounts, no limits to the loading of videos. The frame rate is however reduced insofar as the loading exceeds 60 frames per second.

With the pro version, you can add up to three users to your account, adapt the player to your liking and sell your content via the video on demand function. 90% of the transaction fees go to the creator during such a sale. There is still a complete offer with various tools, analysis programs and a user interface without any advertising. Commercial providers receive with “Vimeo Business” a storage capacity of 5 TB (Terabyte), without any weekly limitation. Ten team members can also use one such account for analytics, marketing, and day-to-day business tools. You can activate the new live streaming feature (including 7 TB total storage) in the Premium subscription.

Vimeo offers different usage models: free or paid subscription with ad-free plans for different needs. / Source: https://vimeo.com/watch

In addition, Vimeo offers in its help center many video tutorials, which explain and simplify the use of the platform. Among these, we can mention Quicktime, Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie. The platform clearly differs from YouTube by favoring quality over quantity. Vimeo is primarily aimed at professional producers, marketers or artists. On the other hand, many main features of this YouTube alternative are only available with a paid subscription.

However, users also benefit from innovative content in the free version via numerous applications: Vimeo is thus available on mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS or Windows. The service is also accessible on many devices intended for home use such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360 or even Smart-TVs from manufacturers such as Panasonic, Philips or Samsung. With this video service, you will find a knowledgeable community giving valuable advice and feedback on the videos you upload.

✔ Quality content✘ Range even lower than that of Dailymotion for example.
✔ Interesting platform primarily for professional content creators✘ The main features for loading videos are paid
✔ Full updates (paid) with handy tools and tutorials✘ Accounts that have not been used for a year will be deleted by Vimeo (with warning)
✔ Possibility of constructive exchanges with the community 
✔ Applications for many mediums 


An alternative to YouTube also exists for gamers: Twitch is the name of the live streaming portal, which originally focused mainly on video games and online sports. Twitch.tv first went live in beta on June 6, 2011, and two years later already had 45 million monthly viewers from a total of around 6 million channels. In 2014, Amazon acquired the company for US$970 million, and since 2016, Amazon Prime customers have been enjoying “Twitch Prime”. This service includes free games and subscriptions, drops and ad-free streaming. Since 2015, the video portal has held an annual convention called TwitchCon, which takes place in select US and European cities. San Diego and Amsterdam have been designated for 2022.

The main characteristics of Twitch are quite similar to the principle of YouTube: thus, the content is accessible to everyone. A free registration with email address or Facebook account allows you to add additional features such as adding friends, chat function or following certain channels. The community character is therefore high and every registered user can stream content. If you don’t play on Playstation or Xbox, all you need is suitable software, such as Open Broadcaster software. Since 2016, the IRL (in real life) function also exists and allows members to share moments of their own lives and discuss them with viewers. A game reference is not absolutely necessary. User-generated content is the main component of content on Twitch. Nevertheless, the video portal also broadcasts professional streams of major sporting events online.

On the Twitch homepage, you are greeted by current livestreams and recommended channels. / Source: https://www.twitch.tv

In addition, the biggest channels and professional channels have the opportunity to earn money through the Affiliate Program. Streamers must meet certain conditions: for example, there must be a regularity in streaming activity and a fixed audience. In return, as a streamer in the affiliate program, you have the option of offering different subscription packages against payment or participating in the incentive program. Users can buy so-called bits and thus support their favorite channels. The affiliate program also offers the possibility of including advertisements and makes Twitch a profitable platform for streamers thanks to professional and ambitious content.

The main difference with YouTube is that on Twitch you don’t see recorded videos, but live recordings. If needed, shorter snippets of live videos can be saved as featured videos, which users can still access.

✔ User Generated Content✘ Many paid features or accessible with an Amazon Prime account
✔ Strong community character✘ To be admitted into the partnership program, several conditions must be met


Sony and Universal Music, the two labels behind Vevo , claim that Vevo is the largest music video platform in the world, although this claim has not been entirely correct since 2018. The distribution of music videos via website and app native Vevo is no longer possible since this date. The 26 million monthly views of Vevo content now take place exclusively on third-party services such as YouTube, Apple TV, LG Channels or Roku, where Vevo acts as a content distributor for artists like Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift or Camila Cabello.

On the Vevo website, you have access to various options like the Newsroom, where the latest news about Vevo and its artists is listed. / Source: https://hq.vevo.com/

Besides the official music videos of the artists the site supports, Vevo offers various other formats in its catalog like live studio performances, concert clips, “behind the scenes” videos or interviews. With the “DSCVR” category, Vevo also offers a platform for upcoming artists.

✔ Extensive range of official music videos from top artists✘ Only available through third-party sites
✔ Different formats for stars and newcomers in the music industry✘ Not all videos are available in your region


Is it possible to go back in time to 2008? With VidLii , you feel like you’re there in seconds: the video portal is reminiscent of the early days of YouTube in terms of functionality and appearance. Visitors to VidLii will immediately see why the site was created: professionally created videos are not available here, but rather a colorful mix of clips and amateur recordings. VidLii evokes the playful and experimental spirit of Web 2.0 which made the success of YouTube. Almost every category imaginable is represented: from automotive to technology, from information to entertainment. You can also find a category for music but you won’t find current music videos here.

VidLii evokes the beginnings of YouTube and offers many videos in different categories. / Source: https://www.vidlii.com/videos

A university student first launched VidLii in 2015 as ClipBits with the YouTube design of 2005. Since then, the appearance of the video portal has changed several times but also its name: ClipBits became VidBit and finally VidLii in 2017 For the operator, ease of use is clearly in the foreground. Downloading and sharing videos is meant to be fun and as easy as possible. Registered users can create their own public video channel or share their content only with family and friends. You can follow other channels and there is also a rating system: the good old stars, also remnants of a bygone YouTube era.

Is VidLii a serious alternative to YouTube? For users who loved YouTube’s original hobbyist nature and have been deterred by the monetization of the platform, VidLii may be an option. However, if you are looking for high quality and relevant content, you probably won’t find it on VidLii. The number of subscribers to the most popular channels barely exceeds the double-digit range.

✔ User Generated Content✘ Little relevant content
✔ Variety of topics✘ Low range
✔ Great usability 
✔ Design retro 
✔ Free 


The Odysee has been available to users worldwide since September 2020. Like DTube, this YouTube alternative is also blockchain-based, including cryptocurrency. Those who post content and recruit other users can earn “LBRY Credits“. LBRY is also the name of the protocol used to build the blockchain. If you don’t want to use the content network through the browser, you can also install the LBRY apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or iOS.

Odysee’s web platform shines with its neat presentation and various video categories. / Source: https://odysee.com/

Like other blockchain alternatives to YouTube, Odysee focuses on independence from a central entity that has full control over content. Of course, Odysee users must also respect certain rules : content protected by trademark law cannot be broadcast, nor content glorifying violence. However, Odysee does not have a censorship authority like Google. In addition, the platform is completely ad-free , as the channels are monetized exclusively on the basis of cryptocurrency. Content creators receive LBRY credits for views, as well as donations from users who like their content (similar to Twitch).

In terms of downloading videos , Odysee has so far imposed very strict requirements: at the beginning, at least 10 credits are required in the wallet . Otherwise the download option is disabled. You can choose to buy the credits or receive them as rewards for views, email verification, member recruitment and more. Once the video upload option is enabled, users can post clips up to four gigabytes in size, with the Odysee team recommending MP4 (H264/AAC) format and a maximum resolution of 720p.

Odysee’s structure and layout is similar to that of YouTube, which should make switching to or trying out the blockchain platform easier for hardcore fans of Google’s platform. As an alternative to the homepage with the most popular videos, visitors can use the menu on the left which groups the videos by categories, such as “Technology”, “Finance 2.0” or “The universe” in order to receive a selection of videos sorted by theme.

✔ Free and ad-free✘ Limited number of users and videos
✔ Decentralized content storage✘ It is not possible to embed Odysee videos on other websites
✔ Censorship Protection 

Instagram Video

On the Instagram social media platform, users can share not only images, but also videos. One of the areas dedicated to filmed content is called Instagram Video: since October 2021 it has linked the Instagram IGTV television channel and feed videos. Users here have the option to upload their own content via the app or the web and add comments and likes to those of others. The recommended video format is MP4, while the video length can range from fifteen seconds to an hour.

Unlike other YouTube alternatives, Instagram Video allows creating or decorating video content with filters and emojis. In addition, it is possible to mark the places and Instagram users that appear. Mobile phone users can rejoice: thanks to mobile optimization, Instagram Video makes it possible to view clips on a smartphone in portrait mode, but also in full screen mode.

On Instagram’s website, users can get all the important information about this new feature in the “Video” section. / Source: https://about.instagram.com/fr-fr/features/video

Like on many other social platforms, hashtags also play an important role on Instagram Video. By searching certain keywords, users can find video content that matches their interests, which is currently trending and much more. The social exchange and reach of Instagram Video is very important. Just like on YouTube, many influencers gather here to advertise various products and brands.

✔ Platform with great reach✘ No search possible specifically for videos (only by hashtags, accounts, etc.)
✔ Available in both app and web version 
✔ Many design options 


Wistia is a video hosting platform created in 2006 and whose mission is to help companies create and distribute videos. Indeed, video marketing has long become an indispensable tool for developing and increasing brand awareness. Videos created using Wistia are not only characterized by fast loading times, but are also optimized for search engines. It is therefore not surprising that the video platform is used by small businesses as well as well-known brands like Starbucks and Tiffany.

Additionally, Wistia also publishes its own series and podcasts, some of which are made in collaboration with freelancers. One example is the documentary “One, Ten, One Hundred”, which won a Webby Award in 2019. In it, a video production agency takes on the challenge of creating three commercials, each with a different budget.

Wistia is the go-to for businesses that want to popularize their brand with professional video content. / Source: https://wistia.com/

Wistia offers three packages in total. The first is the Free option, which includes all the general features like a customizable video player and interactive video tools. Up to 250 people can subscribe to your channel, three videos can be embedded wherever you want and much more. The Pro version , on the other hand, costs 87 euros per month and adds to your range of options email notifications for your subscribers and the addition of a personal watermark to the video player, for example. If you want even more features and not be limited by the 250 subscriber limit, you will need to contact Wistia to get an Advanced account.

✔ Professional video platform specially designed for business✘ Need expensive Pro or Advanced version for more features etc.
✔ Many standard features included in the free version✘ Focuses on business
✔ Videos optimized for search engines 


American software company Brightcove offers a variety of products that allow businesses to publish and optimize broadcast-quality video content. Brightcove’s video communication platform is called Video Cloud and provides users with not only a place where they can upload their videos, but also various features such as API and SDK tools as well as on-time video analytics. Other offerings, like the Video Marketing Suite, are designed specifically for customers who want to market with video content. Their services range from search engine optimization to interactive video content.

On the Brightcove site, you can learn about its various offers and much more. / Source: https://www.brightcove.com/

Unfortunately, Brightcove does not provide cost information for its offerings on its website. If you want to know more, you should fill out a contact form or contact the provider by phone. Instead, you can check out a detailed guide on Brightcove’s support page, which will give you all the important details about Video Cloud and other products. This page is titled “Product Documentation” .

✔ Various products and solutions✘ Prices are not displayed and you must contact to learn more
✔ Broadcast video quality✘ No video sharing platform
✔ Detailed support page 


This overview simply tells us that our selected ten YouTube alternatives have searched for their respective niches and found them.

While Dailymotion comes closest to the principle of YouTube, Vimeo moves away from it with its ambitions for high-quality content and an artistic nature. Vevo offers a home platform for artists in the music industry, although the app no ​​longer uses its own service. Twitch has become a streaming provider for games and esports, while VidLii is strongly reminiscent of YouTube in its original form. Dtube and Odysee are forging a new path in content storage using blockchain, while Instagram Video is enjoying great popularity as an integral part of one of the most popular social networks. As for Wistia and Brightcove, they help companies in the field of video hosting.

Each of these ten YouTube alternatives are good in their own way and cater to different target groups with different strategies. It’s nice to see that almost every platform has found its way onto mobile devices and into living rooms.