Razer’s RGB Respirator is Now Available

Razer's RGB Respirator
Razer's RGB Respirator

Razer has now officially put its futuristic respirator on sale. Equipped with active fans, voice amplification, and RGB lights, the special Razer Zephyr is anything but definitely not cheap.

You’ll be in for a great surprise if you take a look at other Razer products other than gaming hardware.

Razer Zephyr: Anti-Corona Mask Now Available

After a beta test, the special Razer’s RGB respirator can now be purchased. The mask has the American standard N95, which can be compared with FFP2. “At least” 95 percent of all aerosols and particles are filtered out, says the manufacturer.

The front of Razer Zephyr is transparent so that the facial expressions of the wearer can be recognized. Also, an integrated voice amplifier ensures that the wearer is better understood. Furthermore, Razer also includes an unspecified “anti-fog spray” in the package.

To provide protection against viruses Two active fans were included in it. The mask is charged via USB-C, and the battery level can be viewed in the accompanying app. At low speed, the running time should be 8 hours without lighting and 5.5 hours with lighting. A high speed ensures 4 hours of running time without activated LEDs. The weight of the mask is 206 grams.

Razer’s RGB Mask: Filters last 30 days

The two filter pads should be usable for up to 30 days before you think of replacing them. Additional filters are not included in the scope of delivery. Replacements can be obtained from the Razer shop. If you ask me, I see the facts that they don’t include additional filters during delivery as a big disadvantage.