Resident Evil Village Review

resident evil village review
resident evil village review

Resident Evil Village is out with its slimy body and I’m very ready to take on the mass of body parts and pretty gothic houses. It’s just so beautiful! It’s just so brutal! But is it worth your money? And most importantly – is it as profoundly evil as Resident Evil 7? I’ll tell you in this resident evil village review.

It’s getting uncomfortable

God knows Ethan Winters and his wife Mia have already seen enough: After the martyrdom in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the two look for a secluded country house, their baby Rosemary a spark of hope in the trauma that continues to torment the small family. 

But you already know: The idyll breaks apart when BSSA Captain Chris Redfield storms the apartment with a squad and shoots Mia. Why? There are a number of questions to clear up after Ethan wakes up wounded and alone. But the most urgent one: where is his daughter Rose? And why, Lord God, does he have to suffer again ?!

Well, Ethan, you won’t just suffer. You will suffer. In italics.

Let the games begin:

Fully packed graphic dinner, with ray traced eye candy for dessert

Resident Evil Village is one of the kinds of games that you will stop over and over to take a picture. With the ray-tracing technique, which makes the light appear as realistic as possible, the water drips from the damp, disgusting cave walls; the gold frames of the expensive pictures shine preciously and worms in the soup look as appetizing as you can imagine. 

What Resident Evil 7 has already been able to offer you will be even nicer in Resident Evil 8 and will unfold its full effect as soon as you enter the stumble adrenaline-pumping boss fights.

resident evil 8
Resident Evil Village will reward you with boss fights that you won’t soon forget.

For comparison: I played Resident Evil 8 on the PlayStation 5. Hence, you have to expect slightly weaker graphics on the PS4, as well as on the Xbox One. You should be able to enjoy the beauty of the game even more on a well-equipped PC.

Also otherwise the continuation of Resident Evil 7: In addition to the pure optics, you can also expect a direct continuation of the seventh part of the series in the gameplay. Not only the inventory reminds of this, but also the equipment of the game world, the opponents, the objects, the weapon handling, and the omnipresent feel of the game. 

In my opinion, this was a wonderful decision on the part of the developer Capcom: While the game climbs up the graphic stairs, Resident Evil 8 looks a bit as if you had only just played through Resident Evil 7 and are now – a few years later in the story. Many of you have probably just been waiting for this. Including me.

resident evil village graphics
Ray tracing graphics to bite into. 
However, as you progress through the game you will find the same objects in the environment over and over again, but that doesn’t really harm the atmosphere.

A horror spectacle that is bizarre enough to be damn fun

Don’t be fooled: Just like Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village doesn’t try to create a real horror scenario. Instead, the butcher’s lust triumphs over rationality, just as lustful, cathartic gameplay triumphs over seemingly real-world scenarios

How can Ethan survive all of this? Who knows, it doesn’t matter! At the same time, the maps, some of which can be visited again, become lovingly designed labyrinths in which you spend hours looking for the last hidden treasures.

According to the principle of Metroidvania games – in the broadest sense – there are only hurdles within the maps that you breakthrough one after the other in the course of the game. 

The thing is: you don’t have to crawl into the last crack, but it will definitely help you in the intestinal splattering fights. Plus, it’s pretty satisfying if you enjoy this type of character development.

resident evil village gameplay
Whatever you find in the corners of the map, the horror accompanies you every step of the way. 
Very good!

The game design is one of the greatest strengths of Resident Evil Village. I cannot repeat often enough how much fun collectors can have here and how pointedly Resident Evil 8 rewards you again and again. 

Ethan grows immensely on his opponents, but still remains the little person who can be tossed around like a bleeding football. And you will feel every impact, dear splatter fans.

Also: You can expect an extreme story that you just want to play to the end.  Capcom is simply not too good for any extremes. If you thought “WTF ?!” during the last Resident Evil 7 boss fight, you will experience some déjà-vu in Village. 

I felt myself driven by the absurdity of the spectacle to discover the secret of Baby Rose and this cursed village. This doesn’t mean the story doesn’t make sense with its twists – it makes sense, at least in the insane Resident Evil universe.

resident evil village scenario
You’ll want to learn more about the game’s crazy story as you progress.

Similar, yet so different: crafting, hunting, trading, puzzling

As much as Resident Evil Village is to its predecessor, some mechanics change – and not always for the better, but mostly. With the imposing Duke, you become a traveling dealer who has some nice things in store for Ethan. 

In addition, he occasionally appears as an advisor and thus advances the straightforward story. Do you remember Resident Evil 4? Then you know that a dealer like the Duke is not entirely new to the Resident Evil universe.

The crafting system has also been revised. You will be able to craft more, but unfortunately, that happens at the push of a button: You no longer combine individual things when crafting, which scratches the strategic search for materials a little. In short, it’s easier and faster, and therefore less tricky. Unfortunately, the premise ‘ Easier and faster!’ through multiple levels of gameplay.

The ability to hunt is also new. Which does not mean that hunger mechanisms or the like have actually been implemented. Survival in the game is still limited to Ethan’s survival.

Resident Evil Village Duke
Again and again you meet the Duke, with whom you can exchange various, very valuable things.

In combat, in addition to screeching action and breathless reloading of your weapon, you will also be able to move certain pieces of furniture to barricade entrances. Also, puzzles await you again with a level of difficulty which will not overwhelm your gray matter. Which is a shame and gives the slimy-bloody Resident Evil 8 a slightly bitter note.

Resident Evil Village Review: The best, the good and what is missing

There are tons of things and incidents that you can discover in the winding, beautiful maps of Resident Evil Village – from moments of shock, mountains of corpses to the sadistic-bizarre story of the game. I’m not going to spoil you on this though; For a deeper insight, you can watch the gameplay trailer for Resident Evil Village or play the PS5 demo yourself. And don’t worry: Resident Evil 8 has a lot more up its sleeve than what you can admire in both.

When I wrote the preview for Resident Evil Village, I asked myself one question: besides all the dazzling fantastic action, is it creepy enough? Well, I can finally answer this question for you now:

This is it. While you sneak or run through this crazy world, consistently horrific passages are waiting for you, which suddenly conjure up very quiet terror. It’s a purple mix that relies more on moments of disgust and panic, but can also really scare you.

In addition to the game design, which I have already sufficiently praised, there is also one thing that Resident Evil 8 sometimes lacks: Difficulty. I play at the ‘normal’ level; So you can expect more frustration if you just jump straight into hardcore. 

However, the fact that you rarely get the feeling of being completely lost: The most important puzzles are rarely difficult, the crafting is automatic at the push of a button and the opponents are easier to outsmart than I would have liked.

Boss fights require more patience, but all in all, the entire game doesn’t seem to want to put too high a hurdle in your way. Even ammunition is no longer in short supply if you act strategically – and dogged endless loops of fights that you lose over and over again tend not to be seen. 

Pity! Capcom doesn’t trust you very much anymore, but this also makes victories less satisfying. At least different opponents have other weak points ; Fortunately, you won’t just have to shoot around.

scary resident evil 8
Resident Evil Village wants to scare you, and maybe it will.

Morbid enough to encourage the highest level of motivation

The absurdly gruesome story along with Ethan’s bloody ordeal sucked me in after a somewhat slow start and didn’t want to let go of me: Capcom didn’t tell you the best parts in any trailer; namely those about which I do not want to waste any further words. You will experience a lot more brutality than shown, and you’ll shudder more than you might think after all the trailers.

Resident Evil 8 is still different from Resident Evil 7 – and that’s largely because you are exploring a larger world and going through more maps and overall more areas that only partially allow those scary hide-and-seek games that you know from the predecessor. 

There’s more action, yes, and it doesn’t quite match the horror of the predecessor. In return, Village scores in that it is simply a lot of funIn the sense of sadistic body part flying fun, seasoned with a satisfying urge to collect.

The main question: should you buy Resident Evil Village? If you had fun with Resident Evil 7, I’ll give you a big ” YES .”

Do you want to be afraid? May I help you:

With the purchase of Resident Evil Village you get the multiplayer game Resident Evil Re: Verse for free. This Resident Evil Village Review was carried out on the PlayStation 5, with virtually no bugs or graphics errors. The same does not have to apply to all other platforms, although by and large I assume that it is.