Samsung Galaxy A52 Review?

samsung galaxy a52

That went much faster than we expected. A brand new Samsung smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A52) that is really good value for money has captured the Amazon bestseller out of nowhere and displaced an old classic (Samsung Galaxy A51) from the top position. The reasons for the overtake are obvious.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 lands in first place on Amazon

For several months now, the smartphone bestseller on Amazon has been the Galaxy A51. This Samsung phone just sold incredibly well and was available at an attractive price. 

Samsung Galaxy A52 on the other hand has clearly surpassed its predecessor (Samsung galaxy A51) both technically and visually. The high interest on this cell phone on Amazon says it all.

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What the Samsung Galaxy A52 does so well

While the leap in development from the Galaxy A50 to the Galaxy A51 was still relatively small, it is however huge with the Galaxy A52.

The display now presents content at 90 or 120 Hertz much more smoothly and the panel has become significantly brighter. The 64 MP camera takes excellent pictures for the price range and is even equipped with optical image stabilization. 

The design of the cell phone has been significantly improved compared to the previous upgrade from A50 to A51. The memory can be expanded and there is also a 3.5 mm jack socket. 

This cell phone is also waterproof. What more do you want? With the Samsung Galaxy A52 generation, Samsung has brought a really powerful cell phone onto the market and customers appreciate that.