The Best Free Streaming Sites (Stream legally)

Stream for free (and legally)!

Best Free Streaming Sites

The competition is fierce among the best free streaming sites because there are so many options. While the free streaming sites are usually associated with illegality, the most popular streaming sites such as Netflix or Crave are typically paid. However, here is a list containing 8 of the best streaming sites where you could watch your favorite series and films for free.

1. TubiTV

For those who don’t know, TubiTV is a free and legal alternative to paid streaming services. Offering a fascinating diverse set of content, it is constantly changing.

Here, titles are regularly added while others are removed. So, if you want to watch a movie before it’s removed from TubiTV? No problem, you can do so by searching in the Leaving Soon.

The site’s full catalog offers more than twenty genres and the site has recently added a section offering content for children Tubi Kids. This will ensure that your kids don’t stumble upon adult content and save both the kids and parents nightmares.

2. Crackle

Acquired by Sony in 2007, Crackle offers interesting content and the service is completely free. Old productions and new films mingle there. You can find must-see blockbusters like Rocky on this site.

A site that offers series deserves to come second on our list. If you are a fan of sitcoms, you can find Seinfeld on Crackle.

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3. Vudu Movies on Us

You will definitely need to sign up for an account on this site but the films are not cut by advertisements and this is one of the strengths of Vudu Movies on Us. This service allows you to rent or buy titles and watch them digitally. A bit like what Netflix did in its early days but without sending you a copy of the film at home.

Also, Vudu Movies on Us has a Free tab where you can watch hundreds of movies for free with ads. It’s a good option to test the service without spending a penny.

4. Hoopla

Possessing immense content coupled with the most beautiful interface, this English streaming site offers quality content. In addition to films and series, there are also books. The reason is simple, Hoopla functions as a media bank for the booksellers of this world. If your bookstore is a member, you will have access to the content for free by creating an account.

With almost as much content as the first three sites mentioned, it’s really the fact that you have to go through a bookstore that gives Hoopla its fourth position.

5. PopcornFlix

The excellent streaming site to see full movies for free, PopcornFlix intersperses these with ads to make money. The interface is more aesthetic and the choices are numerous. In constant rotation, the films are classified by genre and popularity.

6. Pluto TV

Belonging to Viacom, this English streaming site has a very large catalog thanks to its two hundred partners and its hundred channels. PlutoTV offers free, member-free on-demand and live streaming.

It is one of the best streaming sites of the moment, as shown by its 26 million users.

7. Classic Cinema Online

Just like its name, Classic Cinema Online offers older films. You can find classics there. From silent movies to 60s westerns, it’s all there. If you are interested at least in the history of cinema and old films, Classic Cinema Online is a must in the genre.

8. Veoh

Similar to Youtube, the content that ends up on Veoh is uploaded by users and sources are verified. The titles on the site are sometimes old but there are also some more recent films.

Although it has a sober and clear interface, Veoh is less visually speaking than the other sites in this ranking. Also, the content is not always interesting.

In a nutshell

There you have it, hoping to have enlightened your lantern a bit with legal streaming options in English. These sites are all free and by taking a look at them, you will undoubtedly find quality content. If you don’t want to shell out, you’ll have plenty to pass the time during the holiday season.