The Best Robotic Lawnmowers 2021

best robotic lawnmowers
best robotic lawnmowers

Mowing the lawn without bending a finger – that is probably the dream of every garden owner. With the right robot lawn mower, this dream becomes a reality. 

TechGiig presents the best robotic lawnmowers and gives you useful tips for buying.

Robotic lawnmowers are now coming onto the market with numerous functions and numerous accessories. If you want to have your lawn mowed by one of the little robotic helpers, you first have to get extensive information. 

Which editing systems are there? Which mowing principle is better? And what accessories do I need? TechGiig will answer all of these questions and also present you with an overview of the best robotic lawnmowers.

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The best robotic lawnmowers 2021: At a glance

Price-performanceTest winnerFor large lawns
productWorx Landroid M700 WR142EBosch Indego S + 500Husqvarna Automower 420
Pros“Cut-to-Edge” functionefficient “Logi-Cut” systemintelligent search function for complex areas
ConsAccessories must be purchased separatelyrather suitable for small to medium-sized gardensInstallation material not included


The Best Robotic Lawnmowers 2021

Worx Landroid M700 WR142E


  • fast and accurate mowing
  • modular expandability
  • “Cut-to-Edge” function
  • Exchangeable battery principle


  • Accessories must be purchased separately

With the Worx robotic lawnmowers, the Positec Tool Corporation offers a large number of robotic lawnmowers that differ only in a few features, such as the recommended mowing area. 

With the Worx Landroid M700 WR142E, you get the ideal price-performance ratio for lawns up to 700 m². The mower not only mows very thoroughly, but it also comes very close to the lawn edges thanks to the “cut-to-edge” function. 

Thanks to sufficient ground clearance, inclines and bottlenecks do not represent any obstacles for the device. The fast charging times and the variety of functions of its app have also received a ton of positive reviews from users. The battery life is a sensational 120 minutes, with a charging time of 120 minutes.

The Best Robotic Lawnmowers 2021

WORX Landroid replacement knife

The most interesting feature: This robotic lawnmower comes with a modular principle. You, therefore, receive a basic model that you can equip with components such as a GPS module, a more powerful battery, or an ultrasound attachment with an “anti-collision” system. 

With the “off-limits” magnetic tapes, however, flower beds or similar obstacles can be covered, which has proven to be time-consuming for the cable delimitation. The only catch is that these extensions must all be purchased separately. Some offers don’t even include the battery. However, if you use other Worx devices, you can of course swap the batteries.

As mentioned before, the manufacturer offers the model in different versions, which differ primarily in the recommended area size. From the  Worx Landroid S300 WR130E  with an area of ​​300 m² to the Worx Landroid L2000 WR155E for areas of up to 2,000 m², every relevant intermediate size is represented.

Test winner

The Best Robotic Lawnmowers 2021

Bosch Indego S + 500


  • very good mowing results
  • efficient “LogiCut” system
  • short charging time
  • intuitive app


  • rather suitable for small to medium-sized areas

The ideal robotic lawnmower for lawns up to 500 m² is the Bosch Indego S + 500. The compact mowers of the S + series from Bosch were not only named test winners, but they also deliver very good cutting results and have a mapping function, which can be used to register the work area. 

This robotic lawnmower cam mow inclines of up to 27% and can equally be used in wet and rainy conditions. The cutting width is 19 cm and the cutting height can be adjusted between 30 and 50 mm. 

The battery life is a bit short at around 45 minutes, but the mower is quickly ready for use again with a charging time of 30 to 45 minutes.

The Best Robotic Lawnmowers 2021

Bosch lawnmower blade

In addition, the Bosch models with the “LogiCut” system have a unique selling point, because, in contrast to the competing machines, the Bosch Indego S + 500 does not drive the lawn arbitrarily, but systematically in lanes. This not only makes the end result look better but also saves a lot of time. 

With the Indego Connect app, you can start the mower, call it back to the charging station or use the mowing calendar to plan the next mowing dates.

Those who manage with a slightly smaller area coverage of 350 m² can also use the almost identical Bosch Indego S + 350. For large gardens, on the other hand, the Bosch Indego M + 700 is available.

For large areas

The Best Robotic Lawnmowers 2021

Husqvarna robotic lawnmower


  • suitable for large lawns
  • Search function for more complex gardens
  • extremely quiet working volume
  • good battery life


  • Installation material not included

If you want to cut gigantic green areas of up to 2,200 m² with your lawnmower, you will find it at the Swedish manufacturer of garden and landscape maintenance. The Husqvarna Automower 420 is a real performance monster and leaves a very even cutting result. 

The cutting width is 24 cm and the cutting height can be adjusted between 20 and 60 mm via the electronic height adjustment. The device climbs inclines of up to 45% and can also mow when it is raining. The battery life is around 100 minutes and the charging time is one hour.

The Best Robotic Lawnmowers 2021

Carbon knife for Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers

For more complex gardens, the model also has a triple search function, which shortens the search for areas that have not yet been mowed. The imbalance control also prevents uneven mowing. 

The integrated weather timer also lets the mower inspect the lawn and adjusts the mowing times depending on the condition of the lawn. 

What is particularly positive is the extremely low working volume of the device, such that mowing at night or using it on Sundays is no problem. However, the boundary wire and the fastening nails are not included in the scope of delivery.

Buying a robotic lawnmower: what should I pay attention to?

Mowing principle

Robotic lawn mowers mainly work with the so-called chaos principle, which means that the lawn cutter maneuvers randomly across the lawn in random lines and curves. The only exception is the Bosch Indego models, which mow the lawn in calculated paths with their “LogiCut” principle. Apart from the efficiency advantage and the linear patterns in the lawn, this method hardly differs from the chaos principle.

Editing system

There are two different types of cutting systems in robotic lawnmowers: rotating blades and fixed blades. 

The rotating blades are the most common on the current models. Instead of chopping off the grass, the blades of grass are cut off by a disc equipped with three or four movable blades. This method makes less noise, is said to be better for the lawn, and is less likely to damage objects that get under the mower. 

Fixed blades, on the other hand, are the common system for electric or petrol lawnmowers. Here the grass is lifted by the suction effect of the motor and cut off by the fixed blades.


There is a suitable robotic lawnmower for every lawn area and when purchasing it, you should primarily pay attention to the recommended area design. 

While models designed for large areas can also mow smaller gardens without any problems, using a model designed for small areas on large areas makes less sense. Because the battery capacity is far too low for such areas and since most robotic lawnmowers work according to the chaos principle, the device cannot simply pick up where it left off after charging. 

robotic lawnmowers
Some manufacturers offer robotic lawnmowers that are designed for areas of more than 2,000 m².

Cutting height

How well a robotic lawn mower cuts the lawn cannot of course be summed up in a single value, so it is recommended to read some reviews before buying. 

A good cutting result, however, includes the function of adjusting the cutting height so that the mower can be adjusted to the optimum lawn height. The following applies: the higher the leeway, the better.


If you have an uneven garden or want to use the mower on sloping surfaces, you should pay particular attention to its ability to climb. 

The ability to negotiate inclines without any problems is usually given in percent for robotic lawnmowers. Some manufacturers also provide degree information. 

In addition, the number of wheels plays an additional role on inclines. While models with four wheels are designed for flat surfaces, mowers with only two wheels are better suited for inclines.

battery pack

Robot lawnmowers are available with two different types of batteries. Most modern models are already equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which have distinguished themselves thanks to their small design and high energy density. 

In rare cases, lead-acid batteries are used, but they have a significantly shorter service life than the modern lithium-ion variant. In addition, some manufacturers offer removable batteries for their mowers, which can also be used in other gardening tools.

App compatibility

Many robotic lawn mowers can be linked and operated with a smartphone app. This makes the process of setting up some devices much easier. 

Some devices also support the voice control function such that you can send your mower to work via Alexa, Google Assistant & Co.

Accessories and additional functions

These days, robotic lawnmowers are marketed with numerous accessories and additional functions. For example, anyone who owns several separate lawns can look to a device with a “multi-zone” function. 

Wall brackets, wheel brushes, winter protection boxes, and accessories for studded tires, preventing collisions or driving around special zones. If you have special requests, you can fall back on a model with the appropriate accessories.


Since robotic lawnmowers mow the lawn all by themselves, the robotic gardening assistants can quickly run over objects that have been left lying around or even pose a risk to inattentive people. 

Especially in households where children play on the lawn, a minimum level of safety must first and foremost be guaranteed. It is advisable to read through test reports from professional test institutions such as Stiftung Warentest or take a close look at the product information. 

Many mowers are equipped with sensors that immediately stop the mower when it is lifted, tilted or when an obstacle is encountered.

Larger obstacles
Larger obstacles are recognized by robotic lawnmowers and easily avoided.

Before and after mowing: tips and advice

Lay the boundary wire

Before the first use, a boundary cable or wire must be laid so that the mower is not accidentally maneuvered into the flower bed or similar garden areas. 

It is attached using pegs, which are supplied with the boundary wire on many mowers. If you have a lot of bottlenecks or obstacles in your garden, you should have the cable laid by a professional or at least get advice. 

to clean up

Similar to vacuum cleaner robots, the area to be driven on must also be cleared of obstacles with independent lawnmowers. 

Hoses or cables lying flat can safely be unnoticed by some models, but as soon as garden furniture, tools, or toys get in the way, the mowing process is negatively affected or even interrupted. So if you want to find a nicely mowed lawn, you should ensure that it is tidy beforehand.

Knife change

If the blades of grass begin to fray as you cut, the blades of the mower are probably worn and dull. Then, as with conventional lawnmowers, a knife change must be made. Since the self-propelled mowers are used more often than their larger models, the cutting blades usually have to be replaced every three months.

Trimming and scarifying

Even if some models such as the Worx Landroid M700 WR142E come very close to the lawn edges with their knives, a small strip remains untouched. Here you have to reach for the lawn edger, grass trimmer, or grass shears to cut off the last remnants by hand. 

If you also want a healthy and well-tended lawn, you should use the scarifier once or twice a year and aerate the lawn.


The mower must be cleaned regularly so that the robotic lawnmower can do its work quickly and properly. Compared to petrol or electric lawnmowers, however, cordless mowers do not have to be cleaned after each use. Here it is completely sufficient to remove grass residues and dirt from the mower from time to time to prevent corrosion.


Even if not all robotic lawnmowers can mow in the rain, most models and the associated charging stations are weatherproof. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to cover the charging station, as the weather can permanently damage the plastic and rubber components.

Many manufacturers offer garages for the robotic lawnmowers for this purpose. In winter, the mower should also be stored safely in the garage or in the tool shed, as models without a removable battery in particular could be damaged by the cold or condensation.